Guaranteed Vehicle Excellence with Segway’s Latest Practices

At Segway,we understand the importance of providing a reliable and trustworthy product to our valued customers, and to demonstrate our commitment, we are introducing an industry-leading two-year warranty on the key components of our scooters.

Covered Components




Brake Lever

Brake System

Battery Cover Lock


The Q500 steel frame is designed to be twice as strong as traditional frames*, ensuring vehicle durability and riding safety for riders.


The High-Strength Stem is built for safe and reliable riding.


A high-quality motor indeed plays a crucial role in providing a powerful and smooth riding experience


Battery is a crucial component of an electric scooter, as it directly affects its performance, range, and overall usability.

covered components battery


Controller serves as the central processing unit that regulates and controls various aspects of the scooter’s performance.


Dashboard plays an important role in providing information and enhancing the overall user experience.

Brake Lever

The brake lever, like any other component, should be durable and able to withstand repeated use and various using conditions.

Battery Cover Lock

Many electric scooters come with warranties that may be voided if the battery or its components are tampered with or damaged. The battery cover lock helps maintain the integrity of the scooter’s battery system, ensuring that warranty conditions are met.


IoT in electric scooters plays very important role like: improved connectivity, enhanced fleet management, better user experience, predictive maintenance, sustainability, security, and theft prevention.

Brake System

The brake system is of critical importance for the safety, control, compliance, confidence, and overall riding experience of an electric scooter. It is essential to invest in a scooter with a reliable brake system and to regularly maintain and inspect the brakes to ensure their proper functioning.

Why Segway Implements the Warranty Policy

Durability Assurance

Shared scooters are subjected to heavy usage and may experience more wear and tear compared to privately owned scooters. Offering a two-year warranty on key components demonstrates Segway’s commitment to providing durable and long-lasting scooters that can withstand the demands of shared mobility services.

Operator Confidence

Shared operators rely on the reliability of their scooter fleets to serve their customers effectively. By providing a warranty, Segway instills confidence in shared operators that they can depend on the durability and performance of the scooters for an extended period. This helps maintain a positive business relationship between Segway and the shared operators.

Cost Savings for Operators

The warranty coverage reduces the financial burden on shared operators in case of component failures or defects. Repairing or replacing key components can be expensive, and the warranty helps alleviate these costs during the coverage period. This allows shared operators to manage their maintenance and repair budgets more effectively.

Quality Control

The two-year warranty period can also serve as a quality control mechanism. By offering an extended warranty, Segway demonstrates its confidence in the quality and reliability of its scooters. It incentivizes the company to maintain high manufacturing standards and design robust products to minimize issues and warranty claims.

How Can Segway Successfully Implement The Warranty Policy?

To ensure the durability and reliability of the shared e-scooters, Segway implements quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to maintain high standards, as well as subjects them to rigorous testing during the design and manufacturing process.

Reliability Test Standards

  • Load drop test

  • Torsional strength test

  • Steering stop fatigue test

  • Tube vertical force test

  • Frontal impact test

  • Frame fatigue test

  • Frame static load test

  • Vehicle fall test

  • Random vibration test

  • Roller test

  • Front and back push-pull fatigue test

  • No-load drop test

  • Salt spray test

  • IPX5 test

  • ESD test

  • Wading test

  • Vehicle water immersion test

  • High temperature and humidity storage test

  • Constant temperature and high humidity running test

  • Low temperature storage test

  • Low temperature test

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