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Urban A300 E-bike

Food Delivery Version

Deliver the extra mile, unlock extended range and greener services.

Product Vision

The A300 food delivery E-bike envisions a revolution in urban mobility. By integrating advanced batteries, expanded cargo capacity, and courier-centric controls, it redefines eco-friendly and efficient food delivery in urban environments.

A300 Structure

Cellphone holder & Wireless charge
Front reflector
Swappable battery
26”x 2.00” PU filled rubber tire
Integrated wheel
Front motor
Drum brake
Handlebar grip
Bracket base
Gen3 IoT
Cable lock
Lock hole
Tire reflector
Mid-position dual kickstand
Wheel reflector
Built For Operational Efficiency

Unparalleled Endurance

Unmatched 80km+ range per charge eliminates range anxiety. Swappable batteries ensure long-term use without worries about wear and tear.

Built For Operational Efficiency

Introducing the 26" Integrated Wheel

Enhanced with PU-filled rubber tires and drum brakes, this specialized combination is crafted to elevate the food delivery experience, delivering not only superior comfort but also substantial cost savings on maintenance.

Versatile Charging Options

Experience a revolutionary E-bike charging system with three distinct methods to power up rides. Enjoy an uninterrupted and seamless charging experience, ensuring vehicles are always ready to hit the road.

Direct Battery Charging

Power Box Charging (Optional)

Seamless On-bike Charging

Various Unlocking Alternatives

NFC Unlock

Unlock the future of access with NFC technology.

Scan to Unlock

Unlocking has never been easier. Simply scan and gain instant access.

Bluetooth Sensing Unlock

As users approach, devices recognize and unlock seamlessly.

Built For Operational Efficiency

Rugged Durability for Outdoor Food Delivery

With an overall IPX4 waterproof rating, IPX7 battery pack and display, IPX5 motor, and a robust controller, our system is built for the great outdoors, ensuring durability, resilience, and peace of mind for delivery professionals.

Built For Operational Efficiency

Boost Revenue with Extended Fender for Advertisement Placement

  • Extended Fender: More Than Just Protection
  • Adhesive Advertisement Placement: Easy and Profitable
  • Boosted Revenue Potential: The Smart Way to Deliver
Reflector & Headlight
Reflective strip
Wheel reflector
Wheel reflector
Reflective strip
Rear light
Built for Safety

Enhance Visibility for Nighttime Delivery Security

Prioritize rider safety during nighttime deliveries with enhanced features, including front and rear lights, wheel reflectors, and reflective strips.

Built for Safety

Battery Safety Upgrade

The IPX7 waterproof battery guarantees consistent power in any weather. Double-layer shell provides reinforced protection against impacts and external factors. Prioritize safety and reliability with equipment designed to meet the highest standards.

Built for Safety

Lock and Secure

The steel cable lock ensures robust vehicle safety, especially when anchored. With self-locking capability, ensuring the security of the vehicle is convenient and effortless.

Built for Safety

IoT Integration for Next-Level Delivery

IoT integration harnesses the power of data, enabling precise tracking and providing enhanced insights for more intelligent delivery management.

Built For User Experience

Stay Charged, Stay Connected

Experience seamless and efficient charging on the go with the wireless phone mount for delivery riders. Charging starts automatically for uninterrupted power.

Built For User Experience

Various Dashboard Status Lights

  • Visual Insights: Understand your vehicle’s status at a glance with ambient lighting.
  • Quick Perception: Simplify information for faster and safer decision-making.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Empower riders for a more efficient and convenient delivery experience
Built For User Experience

Customizable Food Delivery Rack

  • Customizable food delivery rack: Tailored for rider comfort
  • Lighten the load: Effortless transportation
  • Efficiency meets convenience: Elevate every delivery service
Built For User Experience

Elevate Your Ride

Torque sensor plus dual-speed drive for precise power assistance and exceptional riding experience.


  • Advanced fire safety features include CAN communication with the battery, an onboard smoke detector, and automatic ejection with an alarm for hardware errors or events.
  • Enhanced user experience through a slide-to-lock mechanism, automatic ejection, or app control, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, LED, and sound for effective communication.
  • Automatic health check inspection and onboard self-diagnostics contribute to minimal maintenance and repair costs, as there are no wearing parts.
  • Fully certified for EU commercial and industrial use.

A300 Specifications

1885 x 640 x 1115 (mm)
Max load
Rated Power
Drum brake
Top Speed
26” x 2.00” PU filled rubber tire

PowerBox Specifications

Supply Voltage
220 - 240V AC
Maximum Output Voltage
Maximum Input Current
External Dimensions
520 × 470 × 530 (mm)

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