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Segway Hardware

Gen-3 IoT

Let’s dive into how IoT will serve micromobility, as well as why Segway’s Third Generation IoT represents the future of this powerful technology.
New Features of Segway Gen-3 IoT

High Precise Positioning

With Dual-band (L1+L5) GNSS, ADR (Automotive Dead Reckoning) and Multi-constellation technology, the high precise positioning can be achieved in urban canyon, underground passages and even tunnels.

New Features of Segway Gen-3 IoT

On-board Geofence

With this function, IoT device tells if it’s in a zone within 0.6 second, which ensures realtime geofence enforcement and no-failure of geofence function when lost network connection.

New Features of Segway Gen-3 IoT

High-quality and Multi-language Audio

High-quality Speaker

Audio OTA

Large Capacity for Audio Storage

Dynamic Volume Range

Other Features of Segway Gen-3 IoT

Flexible Interfaces Design

New Design

Luminous Stickers

Bluetooth 5.0

Longer Standby Time

Wifi Auxiliary Positioning

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