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Terms and Conditions

Data Fees. A monthly data fee of $5/month per scooter will be charged for the use of the sim card and data which includes up to 30 Mb.

Data over 30 Mb will be charged an additional 0.08 per Mb.

Usage. Upon activating scooters, you agree to use our sim card and cloud server. Network (online/offline) status is dynamic, and changes according to the vehicle battery status (charged/discharged), and network reception doesn’t depend solely on Segway-Ninebot. You agree to pay all charges we assess and bill or that were processed on all active vehicles, regardless of online status. If scooters were activated, but offline, during the previous month, they will be considered active, and an invoice will be issued.

To terminate billing for scooters no longer operable or not in use, please let us know in writing at before the end of the month to avoid billing for the proceeding month.

You agree to provide us with accurate and complete billing related information and to report all changes within 10 days of the change.

Non-Payment. You and we each agree that if you fail to timely pay amounts due or your account is unpaid or otherwise not in good standing, your service may be reduced, slowed, suspended, or terminated.

Electronic invoices will be sent by the 20th of every month. This invoice will contain the previous month’s data fees, as well as overage fees.

If we do not receive payment within 30 days of invoice receipt, we will send out a warning letter.

We reserve the right to slow the speed of scooters on your account if we do not receive payment for data and overage fees within 45 days of invoice receipt.

If payment remains delinquent past this date, another warning letter will be sent within a week.

We reserve the right to completely suspend scooters on your account if we do not receive payment for data fees within 60 days of when we sent the electronic (paperless invoice).