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Kickscooter T60 Lite

The latest two-wheel AI-powered

Smart Scooter

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T60 Lite

Lane Detection, Making Riders Safer than Ever

Integrated with AI detection system, T60 Lite is able to distinguish streets, bike lanes, sidewalks and adjust speed limit accordingly, making riders safer than ever.

Real-time Geofencing within 0.6 second response time

It removes delays due to vehicle-server-vehicle communication latency and stores data locally to deliver real-time geofencing within 0.6 seconds.

Pedestrian Detection

The intelligent detection technology enables T60lite to capture human and objects in a scooter’s path. This feature can protect pedestrian by lowering the scooter speed when scooter enters a dense area and encourage better rider behavior.

Smart Parking

The smart parking detection system will automatically identify the designated parking spot for each vehicle, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of parking and reducing scooter clutter and carelessness.

Dash Cam

Equipped with an IMU, the camera on T60 Lite can work as a dash cam protecting riders in the events that things don’t go smooth.


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Rated Power


Travel Range

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