Sustainability at Segway

All the efforts of us are contributed to achieving UN SDGs.
Segway has always taken “Simply Moving” as business development mission. And promise to provide a clean, efficient, green and intelligent transportation way to operators and consumers.

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While developing the business, Segway adopts different treatments for wastewater, waste gas and waste materials. Trying to minimize the pollution in the manufacturing process.

For Wastewater


Industrial Wastewater

According to whether it contains nitrogen, entering different wastewater treatment systems.


Domestic Wastewater

The wastewater generated by the employees is processed through the wastewater pipeline.

For Waste Gas

We use high-efficiency motors and low-nitrogen burners to reduce carbon emissions.

For Waste Materials


We try to use harmless raw materials and clean energy to reduce waste of resources.


For waste materials, we collect them through the leakage collection tray in the waste warehouse and regularly contact a professional waste disposal unit to dispose.


All we do is for the user

  • Accessible/equity

  • Affordable energy

  • Way of social distance transportation

We also actively protect the human rights and ensure the happiness of employees.

Segway strictly prohibits child labor and forced labor. We respect differences in gender, age, race, cultural background of applicants. We fully oppose any form of discrimination and the existence of unequal competition.
We pay close attention to the safety and health of each employee. By making rules such as working hours limitation to protect the health of employees and taking a series of safety measures to ensure the safety of employees’ working environment during the manufacturing process.

Forest Reserve

Until December 31st 2021, Segway’s products have traveled more than 5.3 billion kilometers worldwide, and have reduced carbon emissions by nearly 260 million tons, which is equivalent to planting more than 14 million trees.

All the efforts of us are contributed to achieving UN SDGs.

Our Commitments

Effectively Reduce City Congestion

We are committed to reducing city congestion and providing convenient travel services for consumers around the world.

Employee Development Platform

We focus on employee growth. Providing a development platform for employees to improve their knowledge, skills, and environmental awareness.

Driven By Innovation

We always dedicated to new technology exploration. Such as, new battery technology and AI technology (Segway Pilot).