A Comprehensive Scooter Rental Management Solution

Use our intuitive operation and end-user software or develop your own apps with our API. Be ready to roll in three days. No training wheels required.


Segway Launcher
Your comprehensive fleet-management app

Unbox, scan, launch.
Launch your fleet in just three steps – it couldn’t be easier.

Fleet Management Tool
The Admin Dashboard: your all-in-one command center.

Setting up your scooter sharing solution just got simpler. Manage scooters, customers, trips and payments in one integrated system. With Segway Fleet Portal, you may:


Track scooter location in real-time


Create flexible
pricing models


Manage parking and operational areas


Customize your operation to meet your community’s unique needs


End-User Tools
Segway Pass

Segway Commercial solution comes with Segway Pass, our standard scooter-sharing app that gives your riders the tool they need to get moving. You may also use your own brand with Segway Pass.

Developer Tools
Segway Mobility Cloud Services and REST API

A platform for your developers, trusted by over 200 companies worldwide. Using our REST API, you can easily integrate your own software and manage countless scooters with ease.

Your scooters are connected with Segway Mobility Cloud Services – a secure and reliable cloud service that integrates with your own apps with REST API.

Segway Mobility Cloud Services also provides value-added capabilities to empower various IoT scenarios – such as device management and online OTA upgrades.

Ready to launch
your shared scooter fleet?