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Segway Care Commercial

Redefining Quality and Service for More Sustainable Business

What is Segway Care Commercial

Segway Commercial Care is an industry-leading initiative that takes customer care to a whole new level. What sets it apart is the fact that it offers an leading warranty duration – 12 months – covering 100% key components of our shared e-scooter and e-bike products.

Benefits of Segway Care Commercial

Issue Resolution

When a component failure or issue occurs, clients can trust that Segway is just a call or message away. This eliminates the stress and disruptions that can come with unexpected breakdowns.

Cost Reduction for Operation

When core components don’t perform as expected or encounter issues within 12 months, Segway Care Commercial ensures that operators can seek a resolution from Segway without incurring additional costs.

Minimized Downtime

Downtime can be costly in the shared micromobility industry. Segway Care Commercial ensures that the repair and replacement of critical components is quick and efficient, minimizing the time vehicles spend in warehouse.

Contributing to Sustainability

Segway doesn’t see itself merely as a shared micromobility hardware solution provider; it envisions a future where the industry is more sustainable, healthier, and positive. Segway Care Commercial embodies this vision by promoting the long-lasting use of shared vehicles and its components.

What enables Segway to launch the Segway Care Commercial as promised?

The Science Behind Segway Care Commercial


Segway’s ability to launch Segway Care Commercial is rooted in its meticulous product design. The key components of Segway’s shared e-scooters and e-bikes are designed to have a extended mileage lifespan.


Building on this design advantage, Segway’s research and development department implements strategies ranging from design enhancements to material improvements to elevate product quality, especially for high-frequency use and consumable components.


These measures are guided by real operating scenarios and rigorous reliability tests. These tests ensure the highest levels of safety and durability, making Segway vehicles not just a mode of transportation but a guarantee of quality and reliability. Some of the tests are listed as below:

Reliability Tests*

Roller test

Vibration test

Front and back push-pull fatigue test

Waterproofing test

*Note: The presented videos are not an exhaustive list of reliability tests.

What is the coverage of the Segway Care

Segway Care Commercial covers 100% key components, ensuring operators can enjoy substantial cost savings during their operations. These components include but not limited to:





Wheel Hub


Battery Pack


More Components