max series shared scooters

Get to Know the Segway Commercial Max Series Shared Scooters

May 4, 2020

Introducing the latest innovation from Segway Commercial, the industry’s leader in turnkey, ready-to-serve e-scooter sharing solutions – the Max Series.

The Segway Commercial Max Series offers up unprecedented choice – the Max, Max Pro, and Max Plus bring you the option to select a scooter sharing solution that fits your unique needs.

Here’s a more detailed look at the features of the Max Series shared scooters.

Standard Option Comparison

All Max Series Scooters feature:

  • Designed for sharing application
  • An improved ride comfort, safety and control
  • Boosted durability, power and efficiency

The Max:

  • Is built with a compact and light design, featuring a 20kg net weight for a smoother ride
  • Has a built-in, high-power 3A charger and an optional add-on super 5A charger
  • Rides on high-performance, puncture-resistant tubeless tires
  • Features a range up to 60km (37.5 miles) on a single charge

The Max Pro is built upon the foundation of Max, adding:

  • A battery level indicator
  • Swappable battery packs
  • Electronically controlled battery compartment lock
  • Larger, 10-inch diameter wheels and PU-filled, tubeless tires better suited to difficult terrain
  • No exposed cables for a better security and a deterrence against vandalism

Finally, the Max Plus:

  • Independent left and right brake levers
  • A dual suspension featuring front shock absorber
  • More stable double kickstand
  • A battery compartment cover that opens at any angle and retracts automatically

Max Series shared scooters also leverage an intelligent electronic control system, making them the industry’s smartest solution. With a multi-sensor system to support in-vehicle control, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, adaptive feedback power control, downhill assist control, intelligent battery management, and more, Max Series shared scooters are ready to elevate scooter sharing and rental to new heights.

Ready to learn more about how a Max Series solution could bring your vision to life? Contact us today.

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