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Segway Technology

Segway Pilot

Revolutionizing shared micro-mobility through cutting-edge AI hardware and a dynamic operational system. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to pioneer a transformative era of road safety, empowering operators with unparalleled efficiency through AI integration. By synergizing AI technologies with local urban dynamics and regulations, Segway Pilot introduces a secure, accessible, and intelligent transportation solution, enhancing urban mobility possibilities across both existing and new vehicle fleet.

Segway Pilot Series

Segway Pilot

Segway Pilot Edge

Segway Pilot Lite

Key Spec

CPU Model

Qualcomm Snapdragon 665


Adreno 610@950MHz, Adreno 506@950MHz


Android 10





Camera FOV

HFOV103° VFOV210°


WiFi / LTE


Segway Pilot Features

Keep on Track with Sidewalk Detection

With Segway Pilot or Segway Pilot Edge integration, the compatible scooter introduces Sidewalk Detection, like notifying riders through alerts or adjusting speed when entering a sidewalk.

Segway Pilot Features

Keep Riders and Pedestrians Safe

The compatible scooter is equipped with Segway Pilot or Segway Pilot Edge, capable of identifying pedestrians within a 103°210°FoV. Should the detected pedestrian count surpass the operator-configured threshold, Operators can configure the scooters actual actions when many pedestrians are detected, like slowing down, alerting warning, improving user and pedestrian safety by preventing potential accidents.

Segway Pilot Features

Enables More Orderly Parking

Leveraging Segway Pilot or Segway Pilot Edge, the compatible scooter can detect various parking areas. This cutting-edge feature empowers operators to effortlessly ensure compliance with parking regulations and direct users with utmost accuracy to designated parking spots.

*Parking detection*,customizable features

Highly Tailored Operating System (OS)

Be highly vigilant about information security, deeply customize the operating system to make it simpler and more user-friendly, stable, and reliable.

Technical Platform

Segway Pilot SDK

The Segway Pilot SDK (Software Development Kit) is a comprehensive suite of tools, resources, and APIs empowering operators/developers to create applications and software that seamlessly integrate with Segway Pilot.

High-performance hardware

Flexible development mode

Low technical threshold

Huge community resources

Benefits of Segway Pilot SDK


  • Enhance user experience
  • Provide personalized services
  • Strengthen security and trustworthiness
  • Data analysis and optimization to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and provide better services
  • Open ecosystem and more collaboration opportunities


  • Provide powerful features and tools
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Access to a broader user base


  • Promote innovation and development, helping the government drive the growth of the AI industry
  • Improve public services
  • Strengthen regulation and security to ensure compliance and safety

Which Model is Right for You?


Segway Pilot

Segway Pilot Edge

Supported vehicle model

S90LCompatible with scooter of Max Series & Lite Series

Installation methods

Integrated Module
(Recommended for Pre-Installation during scooter Production)
External Module
(Applicable for Both Pre-Installation During Scooter Production and Post-Installation after vehicle Launch)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Platform

Segway OS

Intelligent Detections

Sidewalk detection & pedestrian detection & parking detection

Build Your Fleet With Segway Commercial

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