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At Segway, safety is of paramount importance. This safety page emphasizes appropriate safety practices, caution against risks, and provide insights into our product features, especially focusing on safer riding experience.

Built for Safety

Keep riders & pedestrians safe

Equipped with sidewalk detection & pedestrian detection technologies

Stay Safe Ride Solo

Protects both riders and pedestrians from accidents caused by tandem riding.

Secure & stable on any terrain

The larger PU filled tire allows a secure and stable ride.

Electrical Safety & Reliability

Electrical Harness Testing System, Speed Control, Tire Burning Detection.

Stay Visible, Stay Safe

Front and rear indicators and high-brightness LED lights.

Double the Battery Protection

The Dual-Housing Battery adds extra rider safety.

Ride Safe & Secure in Any Weather

Higher waterproof rating delivers maximum protection.

Safety Starts with Frame Strength

The Q500 steel frame is designed to be twice as strong as traditional frames.

Reliable Stem Secures Every Ride

The high-strength stem is built for safe and reliable riding.

Maintain for Safety


  • Please read the user manual before charging the battery.

  • DO NOT attempt to charge your vehicle if it, the charger, or the power outlet is wet.

  • Stop using the battery immediately if you notice battery leakage. DO NOT dispose of the leaking battery in the trash. Avoid contact with skin. Place it in a plastic bag/container and recycle in accordance with local laws. Please contact the after-sales service if necessary.

  • DO NOT charge or use your battery if it is damaged or see trace of water.

  • Close the charge port cover when not charging.

  • Power-off the vehicle during charging, or into a certain non-operational mode.


  • For the purposes of recharging the battery, only use the detachable supply unit provided with this appliance. As with any electronic device, use a surge protector when charging to help protect your KickScooter from damage due to power surges and voltage spikes. Only use the Segway supplied charger. Do not use a charger from any other different product models.

  • DO NOT remove the battery without professional guidance.

  • DO NOT puncture the battery. Do not dismantle or puncture the casing.

  • DO NOT store or charge the battery at temperatures outside the stated limits.

  • Completely draining the battery may cause permanent damage to the battery.

  • DO NOT attempt to disassemble the battery.

  • DO NOT touch battery contacts.

  • Keep the battery contacts away from metal objects to prevent short circuit.


  • DO NOT disassemble or replace parts of the charger.

  • DO NOT connect the charger to the power outlet for a long time. Unplug from the power outlet when not charging.

  • We highly recommend to use only Ninebot or Segway approved parts and accessories. Segway will be not responsible for any issues caused by vehicle modification.

  • DO NOT remove or reassemble vehicles without professional guidance.


  • Children should not play with the vehicle or parts of it nor should cleaning or maintenance be done by children.

  • DO NOT wash the vehicle with alcohol, gasoline, acetone, or other corrosive/volatile solvents. These substances may damage the appearance and internal structure of your KickScooter. Do not wash your vehicle with a power washer or hose.

  • Before cleaning, make sure the vehicle is powered o.


  • Cracks, scratches and discoloration in the areas subject to high stresses indicate that the component has exceeded its service life and should be replaced.

  • Regularly check the tightening of the various bolted elements, in particular the wheel axles, the folding system, the steering system and the brake shaft.

  • Eliminate any sharp edges caused by use.

  • DO NOT store it outdoors for extended periods of time.

  • The external flexible cable of this transformer cannot be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the transformer must be discarded and replaced by a new one.

Ride for Safety

  • Riding must obey the rules of the road (such as stopping at red lights).
  • Practice for mastering riding skill. People with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge need to be given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved before riding.
  • One person at a time per vehicle – no twin-riding.
  • Be cautious and always keep a safe distance between you and other people or vehicles when riding. Be alert and slow down when entering unfamiliar areas.
  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding.
  • DO NOT attempt your first ride in any area where you might encounter children, pedestrians, pets, vehicles, bicycles, or other obstacles and potential hazards.
  • Respect pedestrians by always yielding the right of way. When approaching a pedestrian from the front, stay to the right and slow down. Avoid startling pedestrians. When approaching from behind, announce yourself and slow down to walking speed when passing.
  • Before each ride, check for loose fasteners and damaged components.
  • People who should not ride include:
    • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Anyone who suffers from disease that puts them at risk if they engage in strenuous physical activity.
    • Anyone who has problems with balance or with motor skills that would interfere with their ability to maintain balance.
    • Anyone whose height and/or weight exceeds the stated limits.
    • Pregnant women.
    • Under the local age limit
  • DO NOT ride in the snow or rain, or on roads which are wet, muddy, icy, or that are slippery for any reason. Do not ride over obstacles (sand, loose gravel, or sticks).
  • If the vehicle makes an abnormal sound or signals an alarm, stop riding immediately.
  • Always place the vehicle on its stand on a flat and stable surface and park it at the designated locations.
  • This vehicle is not intended for acrobatic use.
  • DO NOT ride at an unsafe speed.
  • DO NOT accelerate or brake abruptly when riding.
  • No speeding. Slow down before making a turn.
  • DO NOT press the throttle when walking with the vehicle.
  • DO NOT carry heavy objects on the handlebar.
  • DO NOT ride the KickScooter with only one foot.
  • DO NOT keep your feet on the rear fender.
  • DO NOT ride on public roads, motorways, or highways.
  • DO NOT rotate the handle violently while driving at high speed.
  • DO NOT ride when tired.
  • DO NOT touch the hub motor after riding because it can get hot.
  • DO NOT put fingers or hands into the product.
  • DO NOT take your hands off the handlebar while riding. Do not ride with one hand only.
  • DO NOT ride through puddles or any other (water) obstacles. In such a case please lower your speed and bypass the obstacle.
  • DO NOT ride up and down stairs or jump over obstacles.
  • DO NOT use mobile phone or wear earphones when riding.
  • DO NOT ride when the ambient temperature is outside the machine operation temperature.
  • DO NOT use this product if the flexible power cord or output cable is frayed, has broken insulation, or any other signs of damage.
  • Make sure the headlight and rear light are on, slow down and beware of bumps and bruises when driving at night.
  • DO NOT ride in off-road conditions.
  • DO NOT pull up the seat post higher than the minimum inserting depth mark when riding an e-bike.
  • Never hitch a ride with another vehicle.

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