Segway Max S90L

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Advances in Max S90L

Lane Detection

Detect sidewalk, bike lane, and pedestrian

Parking Detection

Detect different types of parking spots including corral, rack, curb

Powerful Computing

Doubled computer performance compared with AI platform used on T60 and T60 Lite

Dash Camera

Working with IMU, it can work as a dash cam to record the video when something goes wrong

Max S90L Intelligence

Segway Pilot

Computer Vision

Using deep learning algorithms, Segway Pilot is capable of detecting sidewalks, parking spots, bike lanes, and pedestrians.

Qualcomm 665 Processor

This computing platform makes its debut in Micromobility world. Compared with its predecessor, AI platform used on T60 and T60 Lite, its computer performance is doubled.

Fisheye Camera

Larger FoV makes it capable of capturing more information in each frame.

Modular Design

AI module is placed inside of vehicle’s head, this component can be easily replaced or removed.

OTA Capability

AI algorithm improves over time, OTA update can ensure the algorithm is always up to date.
Lane Detection

Sidewalk Detection

Equipped with Segway Pilot, S90L can detect which lane it’s ridden on. Slowing down or making warning, when it enters sidewalk, can act as a negative reinforcement to teach riders the correct riding behavior.

Different types of sidewalk surfaces

Lane Detection

Pedestrian Detection

Segway Pilot can detect pedestrians in its field of view (8m, HFOV140°). When the number of pedestrians is greater than the certain threshold, which is configurable by the operator, the vehicle can slow down to protect the pedestrians.

Lane Detection

Bicycle Lane Detection

*Customizable feature (optional)

Max S90L Intelligence

Parking Detection

Equipped with Segway Pilot, S90L can detect different types of parking spots including corral, *rack, *curb. By this technology, operators can better comply with government’s parking regulations and advise users to park in correct parking space.

*In development


Split Designed Dashboard

Features such as zone indicators and turn signal indicators provide riders with clearer visual experience. Ring-shaped status light provides riders with 360° visibility.

Phone Holder Wireless Charger/NFC
Turn Signal Indicator
Zone Indicator
Front Turn Signal
Max S90L Intelligence


Highly precise positioning

Which leverages dual-band GNSS, ADR and multi-constellation technology to greatly improve connectivity and positioning, even in urban canyons, underground passages and tunnels

Onboard geofencing

Stores geofence data onboard. Responds within 0.6s

High-quality, multi-language audio

Including dynamic volume range, large-capacity audio storage, audio OTA and high-quality speakers for a premium experience

Flexible interface design

Reserved interface for additional peripheral sensor. The dual interfaces design of UART and CAN bus, is suitable for vehicles with different communication systems.

Optional Wi-Fi auxiliary positioning

To improve outdoor, sheltered space and semi-sheltered space accuracy

Bluetooth 5.1

To further boost speed and maintenance efficiency.

Longer standby time

With an additional 1000mah backup batter and up to 100 working hours

Which Scooter is Right for You?

Max S90L

Max Plus X

AI Function


Segway Pilot


Gen-3 IoT

Status Light

RingTube & Integrated in dashboard

Multi-Function Dashboard

2 pieces (Dashboard L & R)1 piece

Front Wheel & Tire

About 11.5” ( OD: 285mm)

Rear Fender


Rear Turn Light

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