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Product Vision

The S90L is engineered to revolutionize the sharing market with cutting-edge AI technologies to ensure the utmost road safety. By building on the continuous advancements from the Max series product line, the S90L is poised to exceed expectations of both operators and end-users, providing exceptional operational efficiency and a seamless riding experience.

Built For Safety

Built For Operational Efficiency

Built For User Experience

Front Turn Signal
Segway Pilot
Ring Status Light
Full-covered rear fender
Bigger Wheel & Tire
Rear Turn Signal
Powerful motor

Built for Safety

With safety as our top priority, the S90L has been built with advanced AI technologies & safety features to improve the safety of both riders and pedestrians. Together with operators and cities, Ninebot is committed to creating a safer road environment for everyone through promoting responsible riding behavior.

Built for safety

Keep on track with Sidewalk Detection

Equipped with Segway Pilot, the S90L is capable of Sidewalk Detection by alerting riders with a warning or by slowing down when entering a sidewalk.

Built for safety

Keep riders and pedestrians safe

S90L is equipped with Pedestrian Detection technologies, allowing the vehicle to detect pedestrians within its 140-degree horizontal field of view up to a range of 8 meters. If the number of detected pedestrians exceeds a configurable threshold set by the operator, the vehicle can automatically slow down to prevent accidents and ensure the safety for user and pedestrians.

Built for safety

Stay Safe Ride Solo

  • By analyzing data from high-precision sensors and electrical systems, scooters can detect tandem riding precisely.
  • Sensor integration makes it more robust on scooter design.
  • Protects both riders and pedestrians from accidents caused by tandem riding.
Built for safety

Secure and stable on any terrain

  • The larger PU filled tire allows a secure and stable ride.
  • With 11.5-inch front tire and 10.5-inch rear tire, the scooter can easily navigate over obstacles. These maintenance-free all-season tires are durable, making them ideal for all road conditions and ensuring the safety and reliability for riders.
* Front wheel size: OD 285mm, rear wheel size: OD 260mm
Built for safety

Electrical Safety & Reliability

Electrical Harness Testing System

The electrical harness testing system aims to ensure the higher safety level and the reliability of vehicles during the riding by monitoring parameters, like voltage, signal, and communication within the vehicle’s electrical harness.

Speed Control

Excellent speed control system makes the same speed performance for both flat roads and downhills riding, which greatly improves safety when riding on downhills.

Tire Burning Detection

The tire burning detection function uses an algorithm to detect if a vehicle is under the risk of the tire burning, and can take action to protect the vehicle and environment if an anomaly is detected.

Built for safety

Stay Visible, Stay Safe

The S90L features front and rear indicators for visibility in all weather and light conditions. High-brightness LED lights ensure the rider and vehicle are visible from over 300 meters, exceeding DfT standards.

Built for safety

Ride Safe and Secure in Any Weather

Higher waterproof rating delivers maximum protection
Vehicle IPX5, Controller IPX7, Dashboard IPX7, Battery IPX7, Motor IPX6, Front light IPX7, Rear light IPX7

The Ninebot S90L is designed to prioritize safety in adverse weather and road conditions. With a higher waterproof rating, this scooter is more secure and reliable to use even in challenging environments. The improved durability of the entire system protects against moisture, rain, mud, and other elements that can corrode the scooter, ultimately prolonging its lifespan and enhancing its overall durability.

Built for Operational Efficiency

At Ninebot, we recognize the importance of total cost of ownership for sharing mobility operators. That’s why we built S90L with features that prioritize operational efficiency and minimize the operator’s life cycle cost, ensuring a cost-effective solution for operators.

Built for operational efficiency

Efficiency Starts with Compatibility

The Ninebot S90L’s component compatibility provides optimal operational performance.

S90L and Max plus X have a common component ratio of about 73%. Key compatible components: battery, motor, controller, IoT, front suspension, frame, wheel, dual kickstand, tire, screw, front and rear fender, reflectors, etc.

Built for operational efficiency

Leverage advanced Gen-3 IoT technologies for smarter operations

High Precision Positioning

Leverages dual-band GNSS and multi-constellation technologies for greater connectivity and positioning, achievable in urban canyon, underground passages and tunnels.

Onboard Geofence

Stores geofence data onboard. Responds within 1s.

AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)

Sound warning system for electric vehicles to increase the safety of all road users.
Gives continuous warning tone when riding; the frequency of the tone will increase with the speed increasing.

Bluetooth 5.1

To further boost speed and maintenance efficiency.
Built for operational efficiency

Modularity for Easy Maintenance and Repairs

The max series and S90L’s modular design concept allows for easy maintenance and repair, which can greatly improve overall repair efficiency.

Built for operational efficiency

Built to Last
— Aluminum Frame Delivers Durability and Longevity in Any Environment

The Ninebot S90L’s aluminum frame offers numerous benefits, including lightweight construction, strong corrosion resistance, and high strength. These advantages allow the frame to maintain excellent surface conditions and extended service life even in challenging weather and environmental conditions. By enhancing rider safety and minimizing downtime and maintenance costs, the S90L proves to be a reliable and cost-effective solution for operators seeking high-performance and durability.

Built for operational efficiency

Simplify the operation with universal battery platform

The Ninebot Universal Battery Platform optimizes fleet management by offering regular and super battery options that can power all Max Series scooters. With the ability to integrate with multimodal fleets, the platform significantly decreases operational costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Built for operational efficiency

Stay Ahead of Brake Issues with Brake Force Detection

The S90L features real-time detection and warning of brake issues to prevent accidents caused by brake failures. The system also includes analysis of user behavior and braking habits to improve overall safety.

Cell phone fixture (Left)
Cell phone fixture (Right)
Dashboard L
Dashboard R (Zone Indicator)
3-in-1 (Phone holder & Wireless charger & NFC)

Built for User Experience

At Ninebot, we believe that the end-user experience is crucial to the success of our products. With this in mind, the S90L has been built with a strong focus on intuitive controls, ergonomic design and comfortable riding. We strive to meet the needs of our riders and provide them with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Built for user experience

Stay Informed with 360° Visibility

The S90L’s ring-shaped status light enhances the user experience by providing users with clear and easy-to-understand color notifications for vehicle statuses.

Locked state: green, breathing
Unlocked state: blue, always on
Failure state: red, breathing

Built for user experience

Elevate Your Ride with High-Performance Motor

The S90L is designed to deliver a powerful riding experience with its 400W rated power motor. This high-performance motor allows riders to tackle 14% slopes at a speed of 15 km/h with a 75 kg load, providing smooth and efficient acceleration for an effortless riding experience.

Built for user experience

Comfort on Any Terrain

Front dual suspension system provides riders with enhanced stability and control when navigating everyday bumps and uneven road conditions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Built for user experience

Convenience with NFC, Cellphone Holder, and Wireless Charging Designs

The S90L is designed with user experience in mind, featuring NFC, a vertical cellphone holder, and wireless charging capabilities. With the added convenience of wireless charging and the ability to unlock the vehicle via NFC card, cellphone, or Bluetooth, the S90L offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for riders. The vertical cellphone holder is compatible with most phones on the market, further enhancing the overall user experience.

Built for user experience

Designed for riders of 155-190cm

Ride with Ease

S90L’s ergonomic designs (handlebar width and foot pad width & length) provide maximum comfort for more riders

Product Variants & Accessories

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Max S90L

Max Plus X

AI Function


Segway Pilot


Gen-3 IoT

Status Light

RingTube & Integrated in dashboard

Multi-Function Dashboard

2 pieces (Dashboard L & R)1 piece

Front Wheel & Tire

About 11.5” ( OD: 285mm)

Rear Fender


Rear Turn Light

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