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Max Series

Max S100 Structure

LCD screen
2 in1 indicators
G3Sg IoT
High-strength Aluminum Stem
Front suspension
11.5‘’ honeycomb tire
Dual side kickstand
Full-covered rear fender
400W powerful motor
Charger port
10.5” PU filled tire
36V 551Wh or 1033Wh battery

Built For Safety

Built For Operational Efficiency

Built For User Experience

Built for Safety

Reinforced and lightweight frame design

  • Reduce the radius of chamfer on the ribs of battery compartment and reduce the possibility of vandalism
  • Reinforced rear fork design strengthen the weak point without comprising the total weight
  • Hidden lifting handle on both side of the frame for easy operation
Built for Safety

Reliable Stem Secures Every Ride

The High-Strength Stem is built for safe and reliable riding. The Ninebot Max S100 features a 7000 series aluminum stem with an optimized structure that has passed rigorous testing. It has been subjected to a thrust force of 600N over 1,000,000 times, ensuring the highest levels of safety and durability.


Series Aluminum Stem


Thrust Force


Times of Test
Built for Safety

Secure and Stable on Any Terrain

  • The front solid honeycomb tire provides a comfortable experience, and rear PU-filled tires ensure secure and stable rides.
  • With an approximately 11.5-inch front tire and a 10.5-inch rear tire, the scooter can easily navigate obstacles and uneven roads.
  • These maintenance-free, all-season tires are durable, making them ideal for all road conditions and ensuring rider safety.
Built For Operational Efficiency

Simplify The Operation with Universal Battery Platform

The Ninebot Universal Battery Platform optimizes fleet management by offering regular and super battery options that can power all Max Series scooters. With the ability to integrate with multimodal fleets, the platform significantly decreases operational costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Built For Operational Efficiency

Leverage Advanced Gen-3Sg IoT Technology for Smarter Operations

  • High Precision Positioning: Leverages dual-band GNSS and multi-constellation technologies for greater connectivity and positioning, achievable in urban canyon, underground passages and tunnels.
  • Onboard Geofence: Stores geofence data onboard. Responds within 1s.
  • AVAS ( Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System ): Sound warning system for scooter to remind all road users and increase their safety. Give continuous warning tone when riding, the frequency of the tone will increase as the speed increases.
  • Longer Standby Time: Additional 1800mAh backup battery, up to 150 working hours.
  • Potting Technology Achieves IPX7 Waterproof Rating
Built For Operational Efficiency

Non-potted Design for Cost-Effective Maintenance

  • Integrated controller connectors reduce maintenance costs caused by harness damage.
  • IPX7 Waterproof Non-Potted Controller for Easy Maintenance.
Built For Operational Efficiency

36V+CAN BUS enables best-in-class performance

  • With higher voltage and optimized FOC control, the 36V platform enables more linear accelerations, while more quiet and powerful when in operation.
  • CAN bus communication transfers data 8 times faster* and optimize the main control bus cable from 8pin to 5pin
Built For User Experience

Elevate Your Ride with High-Performance Motor

The S100 is designed to deliver a powerful riding experience with its 400W rated power motor. This high-performance motor allows riders to tackle 14% slopes at a speed of 15 km/h with a 75kg load, providing smooth and efficient acceleration for an effortless riding experience.


Built For User Experience

Comfort on Any Terrain

Front dual suspension system provides riders with enhanced stability and control even when navigating everyday bumps and uneven road conditions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Built For User Experience

Enhance Safety and Comfort with Wide 210mm Foot Pad

210mm foot pad improves rider safety as well as stability


1198 X 593 X 1236mm(TBD)
Top Speed
25 km/h
36V 551Wh battery
Front wheel & tire diameter
60/55-8.5, approx. 11.5inch
Max. slope
14% (Approx.8°)
approx. 30kg
55km with 551Wh battery
Rated power
Rear wheel & tire diameter
60/55-7.5, approx. 10.5inch
IP Rating
Vehicle IPX5, Controller IPX7, Battery Pack & Motor IPX7

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