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Segway Parking Solution

Segway’s parking solutions are designed with operator and user convenience in mind while remaining the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Why Micromobility Needs Our Parking Solution


Parking Occluding

More cities and closed parks are beginning to require sharing operators to park only in specified sites. The environment of these locations cannot guarantee that there will be no obstructions.

Regulatory requirements

The regulatory authorities of cities and parks have increased requirements for operators, from unlimited parking to parking in designated areas, and then to parking only in fixed small parking frames.
Segway Parking Solution

AI-powered Sharing E-Scooters


Parking Detection

Equipped with Segway Pilot, S90L can detect different types of parking spots. By this technology, operators can better comply with government’s parking regulations and advise users to park in correct parking space.

Segway Parking Solution

Gen-3 IoT

High Precise Positioning tells the high precise parking location of vehicles, On-board Geofence recognizes in which zones within seconds (No-Parking zone) and gives voice promote to remind the riders and unable to lock the vehicle within the no-parking zones.


High Precise Positioning for Parking location

With Dual-band (L1+L5) GNSS, ADR (Automotive Dead Reckoning) and Multi-constellation technology, the high precise positioning of parking location can be achieved in urban canyon, underground passages and even tunnels.

On-board Geofence

With this function, IoT device tells if it’s in a parking zone within 1 second, which ensures realtime geofence enforcement and no-failure of geofence function when lost network connection.
Segway Parking Solution


The Bluetooth Parking Beacon is a new solution that works with Ninebot Gen-3 IoT technology, increasing location accuracy of each vehicle in the invisible parking area, and enabling operators to  remotely monitor vehicles’ statuses.

Build Your Fleet With Segway Commercial

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