Maximum Performance,
Plus More
New Features of Max Plus X

Multi-Function Dashboard Provides Better User Experience

Integrated with NFC, cellphone holder and wireless charging functions. The vertical cellphone holder fits the most cellphones in the market, and available wireless charging adds more ease and convenience.

New Features of Max Plus X

GEN-3 IoT Improves Scooter Performance To The Next Level

The high precise positioning can be achieved in urban canyon, underground passages and even tunnels.

New Features of Max Plus X

Tube-side Atmosphere Light Makes Scooter More Visible Anytime Anywhere*

The tube-side atmosphere light enables riders to locate the scooter quickly and easily.

Color and lightening modes are highly customizable.


New Features of Max Plus X

Bigger Front Wheel

Bigger wheel, better performance.
PU filled rubber tire, promoted comfortableness, maintenance-free design and cost-effective.

New Features of Max Plus X

Higher-powered Motor Boosts Gradeability

Rated power: 400W

New Features of Max Plus X

Front And Rear Turn Light Makes Safer Rides

The steering button has an automatic rebound function.
When press the button, sound and light lasts for 5S.
If you keep pressing the button, the sound and light remains.
The sound and light duration can be configured.

New Features of Max Plus X

Full-covered Rear Fender & Three-in-one Rear Light

Pass through mud roads easily and keep users clean

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Max Plus X

Max Plus

Max Speed


Typical Range


Charging Time


Rated power


Net Weight (+- 0.5kg)


Front wheel diameter

11.5 inch
10 inch

Rear wheel diameter

10 inch
10 inch


Built-In GEN-3 IoTBuilt-In loT

Brake Handle

Dual brake handleDual brake handle

Front And Rear Turn Light


Full-covered Rear Fender


Swappable Battery

Dual Suspension

Dual Kickstand

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