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Ninebot Lite L60E

Maximum Safety & Efficiency,
Minimum Life Cycle Cost

Ninebot Lite L60E

The vision of Lite L60E is to empower operators to achieve maximum operational efficiency with minimal life cycle cost, while placing great emphasis on user safety and enhancing the overall riding experience.

Product Focus Area

Built For Safety

Built For Safety

Safety Starts with Frame Strength

The Q500 steel frame is designed to be twice as strong as traditional frames, ensuring vehicle durability and riding safety for riders. It also applies electrophoresis and powder coating processes for enhanced protection against dust and erosion.

Built For Safety

Reliable Stem Secures Every Ride

The High-Strength Stem is built for safe and reliable riding. The Ninebot Lite L60E features a 7000 series aluminum stem with an optimized structure that has passed rigorous testing. It has been subjected to a thrust force of 600N over 300,000 times, ensuring the highest levels of safety and durability.

Built For Safety

Double the Battery Protection

The Dual-housing Battery for enhanced rider safety by implementing aluminum and plastic dual-housing with internal potting seal that provides protection against harsh collisions and accidental drops.

Built For Safety

PU Filled Tires for Secure and Stable Rides

With 11.5-inch front tire and 10.5-inch rear tire, the scooter can easily navigate over obstacles and uneven roads. These maintenance-free all-season tires are durable, making them ideal for all road conditions and ensuring the safety for riders.

Product Focus Area

Built For Operational Efficiency

Built For Operational Efficiency

Gen-3 IoT Technology for Smarter Operations

  • High Precision Positioning
  • Onboard geofence
  • AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)
Built For Operational Efficiency

Make the Most of Every Swap

65km range per battery swapping makes it an ideal choice for minimizing the frequency and cost of battery swapping, and maximizing revenue generation for every swapping.

Built For Operational Efficiency

48V+CAN Bus Technology

Experience lightning-fast data transfer and unparalleled performance with advanced CAN Bus communication, 8 times faster* and optimize the main control bus cable from 8pin to 5pin.

*Compared to UART communication

Product Focus Area

Built For User Experience

Built For User Experience

Maximum Gradeability, Smooth Riding

The Ninebot Lite L60E’s 400W motor, capable of generating up to 36N.M torque, provides a powerful and smooth riding experience with an instant acceleration of 4m/s² (*In sport mode).

Built For User Experience

Comfort on Any Terrain

Front dual suspension system provides riders with enhanced stability and control even when navigating everyday bumps and uneven road conditions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Built For User Experience

More Space, More Comfort

An extra-wide 240mm foot pad enhances rider safety and stability for a more comfortable riding experience.

Built For User Experience

Simple & Stylish Dashboard

With an easy-to-read and maximum 800 nits screen, riders can stay informed about the status of the scooter even in bright sunlight. The addition of a ring-shaped status light with 360-degree visibility further enhances the user experience, making the scooter more visible and safer for all road users.

Product Variants

Lite L60L

Split designed dashboard

Lite L60X

Multi-functional dashboard

Lite L60E

Simple and stylish dashboard


Helmet & Helmet Box

  • Unfolded helmet, easy to use
  • Helmet detection, reduce the loss rate
  • Double-lock system, safe and convenient
  • Germicidal UV lamp keeps the hygiene of helmet

Helmet lock & Cable lock

  • Helmet & Cable lock detection function reduces the loss rate
  • Mechanical helmet lock has a distinctive orange color which is convenient for the users to identify and use it
  • IPX7 waterproof rating

Customizable Features

Front & Rear Turn Lights

Front and rear turn lights are integrated into the handlebar as one, enjoying lower cost and more convenience, and requires low maintenance.

*Optional, the light passed E-Mark

Rear Drum Brake

Easy maintenance & longer lifespan; Enclosed inside the wheel hub to protect the brake from external damage; Good performance even in wet conditions, making it a reliable braking system in rainy seasons and under muddy environments.

*Optional for KC version


Dimension (mm)
L 1190 x H 1188 x W 593
Rated Power
Top Speed
Battery Capacity
Charging Time
Net Weight
EU version<32kg , KC version <30kg
Max. slope
Battery Voltage
PU Filled Rubber Tire with anti-slippery pattern

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