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Micro-mobility and shared vehicles are the future of the way we get around, particularly in urban communities. Thanks to the rise of the E-moped, the range of shared mobility is getting even greater.

Here are facts and figures that are important to know: 

Europe still dominates the E-moped sharing world, though the United States market is growing. A report from unu found that just 7% of the world’s shared mopeds are not located in Europe, India or Taiwan, though the U.S. saw a growth of more than 125% in 2020.

The report also found that 2020 was a strong year for the industry, in general. Since 2019, the sector has gained almost 40,000 mopeds, four million new registered users, six new moped manufacturers, 22 new operators, and 34 new cities of operation.

But the market still has tremendous potential in terms of widening the user base. Currently, users are dominated by those 25-34 years old, three quarters of which are male, meaning the potential to bring in new users is great beyond that demographic.

Finally, E-moped sharing has also, to this point, seen less regulation than E-scooter and E-bike sharing. This is likely to change as the number of operators increases and cities look to reckon with powerful growth, but, as of now, the market is still largely open and ripe for new entrants.

Add it all up and, in the wake of a challenging year for the world but an explosive one for shared E-mopeds, there may not be a better time to enter the industry.

Why E-mopeds over Other Forms of Micro-mobility?

The question for would-be operators, then, is whether to take the plunge with E-mopeds in their attempt to capitalize on the global micro-mobility wave.

E-mopeds bring a range of benefits over E-scooters, E-bikes, and other forms of shared micro-mobility.


  • Are faster and more viable for longer journeys
  • Share the roads with cars instead of being regulated to bike lanes
  • Are harder to steal
  • Offer a 10-15% higher price per minute
  • Exhibit more frequent rides per person and lower churn thanks to driver’s license requirements
  • Can carry multiple individuals and offer more storage space
  • Make for an easier, less physically straining ride
  • Empower tremendous brand visibility

Selecting the Right E-moped and Compatible Software

Choosing the right vehicle is one half of lowering the chance of your shared mobility business failing – and the other is selecting a manufacturer with powerful compatible software.

The Segway E-moped E110L offers an ideal choice for those looking to become E-moped business operators. It’s the most intelligent moped for mid to long-range travel, offering:

  • 1500W Max Power
  • 45km/h Top Speed
  • 140+km Travel Range
  • 1824Wh Capacity/Battery
  • 21% Max Slope
  • Helmet and Kickstand Detection
  • Anti-Theft Features and Electronic Locks
  • Built-in IoT
  • Driver Occupancy Detection
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Much More

The Segway E110L complies with your local regulations, making your start-up process seamless.

It also offers robust software capabilities and connectivity. Segway Commercial offers the compatible software you’ll need to operate and manage your fleet, including operator solutions and third-party integrations.

For example, Segway Commercial has partnered with ElectricFeel, which helps “entrepreneurs and transport operators across the world [build] long-term, profitable e-sharing systems” that empower a faster time to market.

To learn more about why the Segway E110L is the ideal choice for making your shared mobility dream a reality and taking advantage of explosive market growth, visit or contact Segway Commercial today.