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Kickscooter T60

The world’s first semi-automatic, teleoperating shared scooter

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Kickscooter T60 Model
Indepedent braking systems:

It features three sets of independent braking systems (regenerative, drum, and parking) to ensure riders’ safety.

Allow One-handed Driving:

A secure riding surface allows for one-handed operation when necessary.

Inverted three-wheel design:

It is much easier to learn and ride than its two-wheel counterpart.

No kickstand needed:

T60 can stand firmly without kickstand needed, reducing the possibility of “scooter dominoes”.

An AI-Driven Ride

T60 offers an AI-driven ride that is remotly controlled by Segway cloud platform. T60 features auto-dock return capabilities for charging and automatic fleet regrouping in areas with greater demand.

T60 features auto-dock return capabilities.

The fisheye camera captures full view of the surrounding, which enables click-and-go navigation for short travel and follow-the-edge navigation for long travel.

The fisheye camera captures full view of the surrounding.
T60 is able to detect and avoid obstacles.

Better Micromobility Economy

Address Cities’ Pain Points & Explore New Possibilities

The self-driving e-scooters can keep sidewalk clear and reduce clutter for cities with automatically regrouping fleets, returning to dock and charging stations.

Better Micromobility Economy

Turn a profit sooner with increased operational efficiency

The supply and demand of e-scooters can vary with time and space, resulting in low efficiency in manual rebalancing. Moving scooters around without direct human intervention would ease a major logistical pain for operators and improve operational efficiency.

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