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Segway Technology

Gen-3Sg IoT

Let’s dive into how IoT will serve micro-mobility, as well as why Segway’s Gen-3Sg IoT represents the future of this powerful technology.

Product Vision

Gen-3Sg IoT, smaller in size, stronger in universality. With a brand-new waterproof design and an ultra-large battery capacity, it empowers outstanding performance in various environments.

Product Structure

Built For Safety

Built For Operational Efficiency

Built For User Experience

GNSS antenna
PCBA module
Built For Operational Efficiency

Space-Saving Design Enables More Accessories on Tube

Gen-3Sg IoT vs. Gen-3 IoT

Smaller in size, saving space on the tube, allowing for the installation of more additional accessories.

Built For Operational Efficiency

Advanced Potting Technology for Longevity

The Gen-3Sg IoT utilizes advanced potting technology to ensure increased durability, superior waterproof performance, and enhanced resistance to damage.

Battery Capacity Increased by
Built For Operational Efficiency

Longer Standby Time

1800mAh battery (cell model: 18650 battery)

Additional 1800mAh backup battery, up to 150 working hours*.

* Communictaion frenquence with server: Update the location every 4 hours.
Built For Operational Efficiency

High Precise Positioning

Dual-band (L1+L5) GNSS

Greatly improves position performance when compared with single band positioning, effectively reduces multipath interferences, perfectly suits to various sharing scenarios.


By accessing to singals of GPS, Glonass, Beidou, and Galileo, the position calibration can be achieved between multi-system and multi-frequency, and the positioning accuracy can be further improved even with complex signals.

On-board Geofence

Supports On-board Geofence, with real-time response within 1 second.

Built For Operational Efficiency

Univsersal design, More compatibility

Compatible with all E-kickscooter series and E-bike B100 & B200

Improved Parking Accuracy

Bluetooth 5.1

Improves data transmission speed, OTA speed, log download speed, and further improves operation and maintenance efficiency; Improves the stability of data transmission, ensures the effectiveness and smoothness of the whole process.

Bluetooth Parking Beacon (optional)

The Bluetooth Parking Beacon is a new solution that works with Ninebot Gen-3Sg IoT technology, creating invisible parking fence, increasing parking accuracy of each vehicle in poor satellite signal operation places.

Built For User Experience


Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

Enhance pedestrian safety with electric vehicle's sound warning system.

High-quality Speaker

High-volume feature that's easier to distinguish in noisy environments. Maximum volume reaches 88 decibels (at a distance of 1 meter).

Gen-3 & Gen-3S & Gen-3Sg

IoT Specification



Gen-3S( S=Small)



Dimension ( L*W*H)

224.2*42.5*64.7 mm154.25mm*42.5mm*65.0mm154.25mm*42.5mm*65.0mm



Speaker volume

~88dB @1m distance~74dB @1m distance~88dB @1m distance

Built-in battery

1000mAH(Lithium -polymer battery)1000mAH(Lithium -polymer battery)1800mAH(18650 battery)

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