Urban A200P E-Bike

The latest intelligent shared E-Bike with electric wheel lock

Handlebar grip
Cellphone holder & Wireless charging
Helmet & Lock
Front reflector
Swappable battery
Front motor
Drum brake
26”x 2.00” PU filled rubber tire
Saddle adjustment control
Taillight & rear reflector
Wheel reflector
Electric wheel lock
Mid-position dual kickstand
Integrated wheel
New Features of A200P

Electric Wheel Lock

  • Remote lock and unlock system

  • Automatically locks the wheel hub when trip is ended

  • Integrated brake control

  • Anti-vandalism design

  • IPX7 waterproof rating, safe and reliable

  • Fail safe system

New Features of A200P

Automatic Gear Hub

Upgraded internal automatic two-speed mechanism that provides smoother rides.

Upgraded Features of A200P

Build-in Gen-3 IoT


Dual-band (L1+L5) GNSS, greatly improves positioning performance.


Build-in in the rear fender.

New Features of A200P

Built-in compatible battery


Significantly lowers operational costs

Two batteries options: regular and super battery ( 551Wh & 1033Wh )
Compatible with the all Max Series scooters

Built-in battery feature provides higher-level of waterproof rating and anti-theft function.

New Features of A200P

Low maintenance cost design

  • 26” integrated wheel, PU-filled rubber tire and drum brakes.

  • The 26-inch wheel size is an ideal choice for city life.

  • Integration with PU filled rubber tire and drum brakes brings both low maintenance cost and great comfort.

Make Each Ride Count

With Segway’s Intelligent Cycling System

exercise mode
eco mode
turbo mode

Our integrated group of technologies will smoothen each ride.

  • Automatic mechanical transmission
  • Detect uphill maneuvering in real-time and enhance the instant power automatically
  • Customizable assistance modes

New Features of A200P

Helmet and Lock


Multiple detection sensors, real-time lock & unlock detection.


Mechanical helmet lock, controls helmet lock independently, meet the needs of different operating scenarios.


IPX7 waterproof rating

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