Segway Charging Solution

LiveLock Station

The game-changing charging & locking station for shared micro-mobility.


Cable (Lock & Charge)
A200 series adapter
Cable (Lock only)
Charge & Lock hole
Max series adapter
Air switch

Product Vision

With effortless charging/locking and outstanding vehicle compatibility, LiveLock station is determined to exceeds expectations for operators, end-users, and cities, ensuring exceptional operational efficiency, a seamless experience, and improved road safety. Join the micro-mobility revolution with LiveLock station and transform the way we move in urban environments.

Built for Operational Efficiency

Built for User Experience

Built for Safety

Built For Operational Efficiency

Effortless Installation and Seamless Customization

  • Effortless setup, simplified maintenance.
  • Customize your charging stations with various capacity options, available in multiples of 5.
  • Embrace flexibility and tailor your charging solutions effortlessly by adding steel cable locks for security and choosing colors that suit your style.
  • Compatible vehicle modelsA200, A200P, S90L, Max plus X, Max plus and more
Built For Operational Efficiency

Maximizing Efficiency through Minimizing Battery Swapping Costs

Solve the Biggest Operational Cost challenge by highly reducing battery swapping frequency and battery charging time.

Built For Operational Efficiency

Minimum Operational Input

The parking mechanism that ensures vehicles are neatly and securely parked, eliminating clutter from sidewalks and public spaces, reducing the operation labor and cost for moving vehicles to designated areas.

Built For User Experience

Easy to Find, Easy to Return

LiveLock stations simplify vehicle locating and returns. Clear signage and visual cues ensure visibility in urban settings, allowing users to find available parking stations and conveniently return their vehicles.

Built For User Experience

Lock, Charge, and Ride with Ease

LiveLock Station offers easy vehicle locking and simultaneous battery charging, ensuring hassle-free mobility and uninterrupted rides. Enjoy a seamless user experience with confidence.

Built for Safety

Orderly Parking for Safer Streets

LiveLock Station encourages orderly parking, fostering road safety in the city environment. Embrace the power of responsible parking for a safer community.

Built for Safety

Lock for Double Safety

LiveLock Station brings extra lock to vehicles, reduces the risk of theft or vandalism compared to leaving the scooters unattended on sidewalks or public spaces.

*Cable length: 510mm


Working temperature-20℃~+60℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+80℃
Input voltageDC 100~240V
Input current2.5A
Input power250W
Output voltage41.8V
Output current4.0A
IP ratingIPX5

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