Smart Cities Need Smarter Scooters

Introducing The Segway bot series


Meet the next generation
of Segway Robotic Scooters

Segway’s smart scooter solutions are helping make riders and pedestrians safer than ever with a combination of industry-leading features.

The Segway Kickscooter T60

  • Robotics and AI-Driven Technology
  • Remotely Controlled by the Segway Cloud Platform
  • Auto-Dock Return Capabilities for Charging/Automatic Regrouping
  • Visual, Click-and-Go Navigation
  • Deep Learning to Avoid Obstacles and Heighten Safety
  • Independent Braking Systems
  • One-Handed Driving
  • Inverted, Three-Wheel Design
  • No Kickstand Needed

Segway T60 Lite

  • Better Fleet Management and Less “Scooter Litter”
  • Extended Scooter Lifespans
  • Data to Empower Smarter Policy and Decisions
  • Real-Time Data Feeds to Policy Rider Behaviour
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Decreased Costs
  • Greater Availability

To learn more about how Segway’s revolutionary smart scooters are aiding cities in addressing their pain points and empowering elevated micromobility, download our whitepaper below.

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