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Amsterdam, June 1, 2022 – Segway, a global leader in micro-mobility solutions, is unveiling its latest model of artificial intelligence (AI) – powered e-scooter at Micromobility Europe (MME) 2022, the industry’s most influential trade show this week in the Netherlands.

The S90L, to be introduced at MME 2022 for the first time, is an e-scooter that integrates a full spectrum of AI technologies optimized for shared use. As regulators and fleet operators demand increased safety and efficiency in shared vehicles, manufacturers have traditionally relied on third-party solutions for features such as lane detection and parking detection. Segway’s S90L marks the first time in the industry that all AI technologies – from intelligent sensors to algorithms – are designed and developed through one integrated platform: the Segway Pilot.

Powered by Qualcomm’s latest AI technologies and Segway’s own capabilities in computer vision and deep learning, Segway Pilot is a system that autonomously senses and detects diverse elements in an urban setting – such as sidewalks, parking slot, and pedestrian density – meanwhile safeguarding privacy by blurring facial characteristics at the time of image capture. Through visual and voice prompts, vehicles equipped with Segway Pilot – such as the S90L – provide real-time guidance and assistance to riders, thereby improving safety. Segway Pilot monitors various parking environments for operators and encourages responsible parking behavior from riders.

“We are pround of Segway Pilot’s capabilities in sidewalk detection, pedestrian detection, and parking detection”, says Yusen Qin, algorithm architecture, who is in charge of general management of AI and Robotics R&D of Segway-Ninebot. “AI is accelerating how shared micromobility adapts to evolving urban environments and regulatory requirements, and Segway is looking forward to working with partners in delivering innovative solutions through an open platform”.

In addition to the S90L, Segway is showcasing its full lineup of shared electronic vehicles in Amsterdam – such as e-bikes and e-mopeds. Each vehicle is powered by unique smart features, ranging from electric wheel locks to automatic helmet detection. Many of the models are already powering shared micromobility leaders such as Lyft, Tier and Helbiz.

Alan Zhao, General Manager of Commercial Mobility Business Division, Segway-Ninebot, believes that shared micromobility is embarking on another wave of growth in the post-pandemic world. “People around the globe are more conscientious than ever about the need for green transportation, and Segway is well-positioned to help the shared micromobility industry meet these new demands”. Earlier this year, Segway celebrated the production of its ten-millionth e-scooter, a remarkable milestone despite global supply chain disruptions.

Joined by over 1,000 industry participants, Segway is promoting the theme “the Dawn of AI and Micromobility” at MME 2022. The company champions the idea of “AIOT” – the blending of AI and IoT (internet of things) in not only shared electric vehicles, but also its software and hardware integration as an open platforms.

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