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Micromobility is set to play a huge role in the future of urban mobility and beyond – but plenty of concerns persist.

In addition to challenges surrounding federal and local electric scooter laws, one chief concern has continuously dominated conversations about e-scooters. How do we ensure scooter safety and legislate required scooter safety gear?

Shared micromobility safety will continue to be a hot topic as more and more users become familiar with shared e-scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds and other forms of micromobility. It’s a divisive topic, as well. For example, some cities and regions require e-scooter riders to wear helmets at all times, while others may only require it for persons under a certain age or may not require helmets at all.

However, with advancements in micromobility safety like Segway Commercial’s new helmet lock kits, the industry can ease these micromobility safety concerns and work toward a safer future for riders, pedestrians, operators and motorists alike.

helmet lock background 2

Introducing the Three Functions of the Segway Helmet Lock Kit

Segway Commercial’s helmet lock kit has three primary functions:

  • It equips the helmet with a locking mechanism, offering a comprehensive solution to scooter operators.
  • The anti-theft lock significantly enhances riding safety.
  • When the helmet lock kit is integrated with an e-scooter, the e-scooter can detect whether the helmet is locked into place

Two Schemes of Installing a Segway Helmet Lock Kit

The new Segway Commercial helmet lock kit can either be pre-installed before the scooter leaves the factory or installed after the fact, when the scooter has already been put into service.

When the helmet lock kit is pre-installed:

  • A very stable communication interface based on a cable connection
  • A smaller size compared to post-factory installation
  • No need to change the battery throughout the entire life of the kit

When the helmet lock is installed after the fact:

Installation in the field offers operators the benefits of being able to add helmet lock kits to both existing Segway fleets and other brands’ vehicles, making the transition seamless for operators who may face changing helmet laws.

pre and after installation comparison

Pre-installation scheme (the left) and After-installation (the right)

Contact Segway Commercial Today

The new Segway Commercial helmet lock kit protects micromobility riders by not allowing them to operate vehicles without a helmet, helping address growing micromobility safety concerns.

It also helps operators meet evolving city and federal regulations as they’re implemented, protects helmets against theft and ensure they’re always available when riders need them.

To learn more, check out Segway Helmet Lock Kit and contact Segway Commercial today.