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It’s the 2020s, and riders today are looking for scooters that match the comfort, style, safety and technical prowess of modern advancements. No longer can simply moving forward work in our society. Today’s market is looking for the Max Plus X, a smart ride for the smart rider.

With a multi-function dashboard that provides a better user experience, drivers of the Max Plus X can enjoy a vehicle integrated with NFC, along with a cellphone holder and optional wireless charging functions, which matches virtually every available cellular device. Meanwhile, the ride itself has been improved, with GEN-3 IoT that vastly raises the bar on position performance. Gen-3 IoT also allows for onboard geofencing, high-quality, multi-language audio, flexible interface design, Bluetooth accessibility, anti-theft protection and a longer standby time.

For keeping maintenance cost down, the new big front wheel and PU-filled rubber tire provides not only a better performance, but the 11.5” diameter wheel promotes comfort and is cost effective. The higher-powered motor of the Max Plus X, meanwhile, boosts gradeability.

This means that the Max Plus X is the perfect scooter to get you around today’s urban canyons, underground passages and even tunnels. No matter where you drive, you can be assured you will be visible with the turn-side atmosphere lights, which includes customizable color and lighting modes. There is also a full-covered rear fender and three-in-one rear light, and front and rear turn lights to make for a safer ride.

This safer and smarter scooter is just what is needed in our fast-paced world. As more and more cities adopt scooter options to help with traffic and sustainability, the Max Plus X is exactly the vehicle your town needs to protect pedestrians and keep riders safe on the roads.