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No one will deny the importance of wearing a helmet while operating a bike, scooter, or skateboard. The renting of public scooters has allowed more people to ride them around their cities for efficiency and fun. This has led to the increase use of helmet boxes being provided with e-scooters in various cities around the world, all of which keep riders safe and comply with city laws and regulations.

There are a variety of helmet box solutions that have made it easy for people to stay safe and clean while on their ride. These sorts of systems are available in major European cities, proving how easy it is to deploy an easily folded helmet and hygienic solutions to e-scooters elsewhere.

Partnering with Closca, whose innovative and attractive folded helmet has garnered praise, Segway is introducing helmet boxes with their e-scooters, including the AI-powered Kickscooter S90L. Carefully constructed within the body of the scooter is a box containing a small and foldable helmet that the rider can use on their ride. Due to their small size, the box and foldable helmet use less space, but they also provide riders with a helmet that makes it easy for them to stay safe while renting out scooters for use in their city. These e-scooters not only include the helmet in a careful and easy fashion, but they also come with disposable liner caps that ensure hygiene is not a problem.

Using a mobile app, riders will unlock both the scooter and the box at the same time; with the disposable liner caps, riders can stay clean and safe while operating the scooter. When a rider is done using the scooter, NFC smart detection will know whether or not the helmet has been put back in its box. Once the helmet is returned to its compartment, the scooter and box will lock; after, the scooter uses UV lamps to sterilize itself. If the helmet is not returned, then a ride will remain unfinished and will not lock, which means the customer will keep paying until then.

Segway is helping usher in the next step in e-scooter safety solutions. The Closca helmets comply with shock absorption certifications (EN1078 and CPSC) and stay extra hygienic by both including disposable liner caps and using UV lamps for sterilizations between rides. They are also incredibly foldable and small, making them comfortable for wearers and for placement in the box attached to the e-scooter. Above all, the compliance with certifications means the helmets will keep riders safe when the scooters are in use.