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The pandemic impacted nearly every facet of our lives, especially social interactions, work location, and transportation methods. Because of a variety of factors linked to the pandemic, like the acceleration of technology and need for reduced carbon emissions and traffic, there has been an E-bike and E-scooter boom. And the E-bike trend only seems to be growing, as worldwide E-bike sales are projected to hit 40 million units in 2023. Segway is one of the leading companies in the world working toward building a sustainable future through E-scooters and E-bikes.

Existing Segway E-bike Models

Segway previously launched Urban Series E-bikes: the Urban A200 — which features a cable lock, smart LED dashboard, and is one-size fit-more. The A200P includes a wheel lock and Gen-3 IoT. Both models are extremely popular and have been purchased by operators such as Tier, Dott, Helbiz, Spin, FENIX, and more.

Gearing Up for a New Model

Segway is excited to roll out a third E-bike to add to our collection. Our latest intelligent and shared E-bike model is the Ninebot E-bike – B100, designed and developed for simple-operate and urban commutes. The B100 E-bike is compact, with dimensions of just 1610*1107*622 mm, and there is no tradeoff for the compact size when it comes to the B100’s weight. The B100 weighs less than 30 kilograms but offers four times the load capacity at 120 kilograms. It’s dual drum brake system enables safe riding while it’s new, easy-handle and easy-riding structure design guarantees a smooth and stable riding experience.


Simple, Stylish, & Intelligent Dashboard

The B100 shows the riding status and vehicle status for users in a more direct fashion. Zone indicators reflect location and which zone the bike is in to provide rich visual interactions and make it more convenient for riders to check riding status. The B100 also comes equipped with a ring-shaped status light with 360-degree visibility. This makes the E-bike brighter than ever — especially at night — to inform other road users, keeping riders safe from cars and pedestrians safe from E-bikes.

Clean and Green

The B100 boasts a swappable and chargeable battery compatible with our next generation Kickscooter. Our battery is energy-saving, pre-installed, and has easy-takeout capabilities. The handle makes it easy to carry and enables simple removal and installation, and the indicator that could show the real-time battery level.

Lock and Dock

Segway’s technology allows B100 users to remotely lock/unlock control and automatically lock the wheel hub when a trip has ended. The wheel lock’s compact design contributes to the slim, efficient look of the B100. With an anti-vandalized design, it offers a protective feature to assist in keeping E-bikes free from theft. The lock holds an IPX7 waterproof rating, is safe and reliable, equipped with multiple fail-safe mechanisms.

B100 Tech Check

The GEN-3 IoT technology creates highly precise positioning on the B100, even in less accessible places such as underground passages and tunnels. With onboard geofencing, data is stored onboard and response time occurs within six-tenths of a second. The GEN-3 IoT contains high-quality, multi-language audio and a flexible interface design. Other key features include optional Wi-Fi auxiliary positioning, Bluetooth 5.1, and longer standby time with an additional 1000mah battery and up to 100 working hours.

Segway’s novel Urban B100 E-Bike offers key features and user-friendliness, making it the perfect fit for city commuters. With the B100, we are one step closer to a sustainable future with less traffic, putting the user in control. Ready to build your shared e-bike fleet? Contact Segway Commercial to learn more.