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The latest innovation in short-distance transportation and robots is here with the Segway S90L Kick Scooter. The newest e-scooter from Segway-Ninebot provides a comprehensive e-scooter rental management solution to improve operations, safety, and efficiency. It can also help operators establish a global intelligent micromobility service network. It made its debut at Micromobility Europe 2022 that was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands this past June.

The S90L is an intelligent-sharing kick scooter that uses the power of AI to meet the needs and demands of modern micro-mobility.

The Micromobility Landscape and Its Challenges

Micromobility has significantly grown since its inception and the field now consists of numerous operators providing electric-powered vehicles.

With this growth, and the demand for solutions by daily commuters, the newest horizon of e-scooters focuses on making the ride sustainable, safer, and more efficient.

One key issue in the industry is integrating hardware and software. Traditional scooters require connections to post-access hardware and software systems. With different network standards throughout the world, these vehicles are not scalable. Integrating these is a primary feature of the S90L Kick Scooter, allowing for the inclusion of AI technologies.

So, how does the S90L Kick Scooter change the micromobility scene and deliver an intelligent riding system?

Segway Pilot, Designed for Micromobility Transportation

The S90L Kick Scooter includes Segway Pilot – an integrated riding system created for micromobility, powered by AI. It combines Segway’s computer vision and deep learning algorithms with a Qualcomm AI computing platform.

Computer vision enhances the rider experience and supports sustainable operations and public safety. By applying computer vision and deep learning algorithms, the S90L can detect sidewalks, parking spots, and surrounding pedestrians. Along with sensors, the fisheye camera captures more information in each frame.

These technologies enable autonomous environment perception, decision-making and action guidance capabilities.

Detection Features: Roads, Sidewalks, People, and Parking

With detection features, the e-scooter can perceive road information autonomously, identify and detect roads and sidewalks, and accurately determine if the rider is in the correct lane.

Within a pedestrian-heavy area, the S90L can also sense the number of people while reminding the rider to exercise caution. The e-scooter also has a parking detection function, which solves operator pain points of managing shared micromobility vehicles.

Riders can set customized response plans for these detection features, such as beep sounds, deceleration, ambient lighting, and dashboard signals.

Additional detection capabilities include tandem riding and braking. With tandem detections, the weight sensor calculates the load in real-time. The scooter can also generate an alarm and the data it collects can analyze other driving behaviors like drifting, jumping steps, and sudden braking through optimal algorithm.

The brake detection system can find abnormal faults like loose or broken brake cables and report them to operators for a maintenance evaluation.

These detection features provide real-time guidance and assistance to riders, creating a safer environment for all those sharing the road.

How Gen-3 IoT Works

The Gen-3 IoT provides high-precision positioning, local electronic geo-fencing, and high-quality voice broadcast. In addition to these existing functions, the technology enables three more functions:

  • AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System): This creates a continuous warning sound or signal to road users who may not hear an e-scooter.
  • E-SIM: Provide a set of digital SIM card management solutions. There’s no physical SIM card. It’s fully integrated with the IoT for a more reliable connection and eliminates dependence on one supplier.
  • RTK (Real-Time Kinematic): This function enhances the positioning accuracy and sub-meter positioning accuracy of vehicles. Operators can both use Segway-Ninebot’s base station and operation plans.

The S90L Kick Scooter: Ready to Inspire the Next Horizon for Micromobility Share Transportation

S90L is the first fully integrated shared e-scooter that uses AI and IoT. Lane, sidewalk, parking, and pedestrian detection ensure the highest level of safety.

Start building your fleet with the S90L today.