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The micromobility industry has experienced impressive growth, with the market poised to reach a value of $215 billion by 2030. Its rapid expansion is due to several factors. More people are using and want access to on-demand transportation services. The ridership of these vehicles increased between 2020 and 2021. Additionally, they are more accessible to consumers and an alternative to more expensive means of transportation.

From an operator and government perspective, shared micromobility is part of smart city development initiatives, including better infrastructure for riders. The industry also received a boost from its association with clean air, such as the Biden Administration’s transportation decarbonization report identifying investment in micromobility.

Micromobility is a key component of transportation’s future. Shared scooter and e-bike trips have doubled since 2018. With high demand, the industry needs sustainable, more cost-effective vehicles that provide not only a better rider experience but also a sustainable development for operators. The new face of shared micromobility, capable of addressing challenges and opening up possibilities, is the Ninebot Shared Scooter Lite L60E.

What Makes the Lite L60E the Ideal Scooter for Reducing TCO and Increasing Sustainability?

The most vital element of the micromobility ecosystem is the vehicle. Ninebot Shared Electric Scooter Lite L60E has features that deliver high performance while making operations simpler, more effective, efficient and sustainable. It also comes at a more competitive price point and offers new features. With these components, the industry gets a more sustainable and profitable scooter by lowering TCO (total cost of ownership).
Let’s review the new features the scooter has to offer.

Lite L60E Features

The new, robust structure design has a unique style, extra stability, and is more concise. It also includes a new battery platform and solution. Here’s what you can expect in this scooter.

  • 48V platform: It’s quieter and more powerful than previous models, with higher voltage and optimized FOC control. This also enables more linear accelerations.
  • CAN bus communication: Enjoy faster communication with a shorter data transfer time, optimization of the main control bus cables, and a simpler interior structure.
  • 576Wh battery: It’s cost-effective and guarantees a 30% longer mileage in one charge with a range of 65km. With a bigger battery, the travel range is greater, reducing operational management time and cost for charging the scooter or changing the swappable battery.
  • New steel frame: The Q500 frame is twice as strong and has a special surface treatment to protect it from dust and erosion. As a result, it extends the vehicle’s lifetime and the need to repair or change parts, reducing the time and costs of fleet upkeep.
  • High strength stem: The 7000 series aluminum stem passed 300,000 times tests with a thrust force of 600N, making the scooter more resistant to daily use damage.
  • Foot pad widening: The new model has a 30% wider area to improve rider experience and safety.
  • Dashboard updates: The new dashboard displays crucial and necessary information to give a more intuitive user experience. Additionally, it has zone indicators for visual interactions delivering greater convenience for riders by letting them recolonize where they are (in slow riding zone, no-parking zone, or no riding zone).

The Lite L60E also retains capabilities from the existing Max series. It has a front dual suspension system, front 11.5” and rear 10.5” PU filled tires, a higher-powered 400W motor that boosts gradeability up to 14%, and GEN-3 IoT for improved positioning and location accuracy.

Lite L60E Customizations

This new scooter has many customization options. You can select from two versions: EU and KC, and three vehicle solutions, Lite L60E, Lite L60L, and Lite L60X. Different types of dashboards are also available, depending on the situation and operation needs. With all these choices, you can reduce the costs related to comprehensive adjustments and ensure suitability.

High Performance, Lower Costs, and a Sustainable Ride

The new Lite L60E has all the features and capabilities that provide high performance, decreased operating costs and greater sustainability. Adding this to your fleet yields a lifecycle of benefits from purchase to operation.