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The Segway Launcher app is changing everything.

Segway Launcher is an easy-to-use mobile application designed to make starting and operating your e-scooter sharing business simpler than ever.

With Segway Launcher, you can launch, monitor, and manage your fleet by yourself – right from your mobile device – cutting out the time spent waiting on support teams and eliminating the need for a desktop computer. As long as you have your mobile phone, you can use Launcher – anytime, anywhere.

Even better, today we are announcing the new version of Segway Launcher. Lifting up the hood of the new design reveals the benefit – a robust fleet management tool. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting features of this industry-leading solution.

New UI Design and Homepage

The new and improved version of the Segway Launcher app has a new, user-friendly homepage and three main menus – Tools, Map and Me.

In the Tools menu, operators can easily find access to each tool at their disposal, including adding and activating new scooters, suspending a scooter, and upgrading firmware.

In the Map menu, operators can monitor their scooters’ status on the map, providing insight about whether the scooter is working well, if it’s online, or if it has a technical issue.

Finally, the Me menu, the operator’s account page, allows operators to submit feedback and contact the Segway team.

T60 Autonomous Scooter, Segway e-Moped, and Max Series Scooter Compatibility

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The new Segway Launcher app has added functionality for the T60 autonomous scooter and Segway e-Moped.

The Launcher app will automatically detect the vehicle category and provide different support for each vehicle, ensuring that operators have access to all of the key functions of a particular vehicle. For example, operators can use Segway Launcher to lock or unlock the tailbox of a Segway e-Moped.

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At Segway Commercial, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to start and operate your own shared scooter business – and the new Segway Launcher app upholds that vision.

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