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At Segway, we’re committed to providing the safest, most comfortable riding experience in e-scooters, and that means we’re committed to constantly innovating that experience to stay ahead of the curve.

Our latest innovation, our new solid honeycomb tire, is helping us achieve that mission and delivering riders our best experience yet in a variety of conditions – while also decreasing operational costs for fleet and scooter owners.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits that make this solid honeycomb tire design the best solution we can provide for our customers and riders.

Self-Development and Patenting

As the leader in e-scooters and micromobility, we take pride in self-developing our innovative solutions, and the solid honeycomb tire is no different. It’s Segway self-developed and features patented technology.

The structure of the tire also enhances safety by allowing for elevated control and performance on wet roads.

Low-Rolling Resistance Technology

This advanced technology is designed to reduce energy loss as the tire rolls. This reduction in energy loss improves fuel efficiency, giving riders better mileage and top speed – and saving operational dollars.


Compared to PU-filled rubber tires, solid honeycomb tires are 10% more comfortable. The internal honeycomb construction, which features air pockets within the tire, provides more cushion that PU-filled options, while also being lighter weight due to the overall reduction in rubber used.

In a riding comfortability test, the solid honeycomb tire performed better in terms of impact force across the front hub, rear hub and footboard than a PU-filled counterpart.

Travel Range and Working Life

The Segway solid honeycomb tire has the same travel range and working life as PU-filled options at greater than 8,000 kilometers.

Flexibility and Compatibility

The Segway solid honeycomb tire is compatible with a maintenance-free integrated wheel, while PU-filled options must use split-hub wheels. This integrated wheel compatibility reduces the chances of vandalism and theft.


Segway’s solid honeycomb tire is approximately 20% less expensive than PU-filled rubber tires in terms of general cost, further reducing operational costs.

To learn more about Segway’s innovative tire design or industry-leading micro-mobility options, contact or visit