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In the bustling metropolises of the world, where the urban landscape is constantly evolving, shared micromobility services have become a staple of modern city life. As we move further into the Micromobility landscape, these services find themselves at a crossroads, facing the challenges of saturation, fierce competition, and the need to strike a balance between growth and profitability. In such a dynamic environment, adaptation and innovation are key to staying ahead in the game.

As industry dynamics undergo transformations, Segway is unveiling a groundbreaking initiative – Segway Care Commercial. This innovative after-sale service is designed to revolutionize the shared micromobility experience, with a primary focus on optimizing total cost of ownership and promoting sustainability for Segway clients.

Segway Care Commercial: A New Paradigm in Warranty Services

Segway Commercial Care isn’t just another warranty program; it’s an industry-leading initiative that takes customer care to a whole new level. What sets it apart is the fact that it offers an extended warranty duration 12 months* covering 100% key components** of our shared e-scooter and e-bike products***. But that’s not all; the best part is that this extended warranty is absolutely free of cost to our clients for more profitable operations.

The driving force behind this industry-leading warranty coverage is our unwavering commitment to quality. Over the years, we have invested significantly in improving the quality of our shared vehicles and enhancing the lifespan of the critical components that keep these micro-mobility solutions in motion.

But what does this mean for our clients and the shared mobility providers who rely on our products? Here’s why Segway Care Commercial is a game-changer:

  1.  Cost Reduction for Operation: Warranty coverage provided by Segway Care Commercial mitigates risks and costs for operators during the operation stage. When core components don’t perform as expected or encounter issues within 12 months, the warranty ensures that operators can seek a resolution from Segway without incurring additional costs.This leads to significant cost saving on spare part for operators, potentially reducing costs by up to 20% annually according to Segway’s data. Additionally, the enhanced quality of vehicles and enhancing the lifespan of the key also contribute to cost saving in both hardware and repair labor.
  2. Minimized Downtime: When a component failure or issue occurs, clients can turn to Segway for repair and replacement solutions to resolved issues promptly. Because downtime can be costly in the shared micromobility industry. Segway Care Commercial ensures that the repair and replacement of critical components is quick and efficient, minimizing the time vehicles spend in warehouse. Reduced downtime translates to a higher fleet utilization rate and, consequently, better profitability.
  3. Contributing to Sustainability: Segway doesn’t see itself merely as a shared micromobility hardware solution provider; it envisions a future where the industry is more sustainable, healthier, and positive. Segway Care Commercial embodies this vision by promoting the long-lasting use of shared vehicles.

The Science Behind Segway Care Commercial

Segway’s ability to launch Segway Care Commercial is rooted in its meticulous product design. The key components of Segway’s shared e-scooters are designed to have a industry-leading lifespan in terms of mileage. Building on this design advantage, Segway’s R&D department takes measures to enhance product quality, especially for high-frequency use and consumable components. These measures are guided by real operating scenarios and rigorous reliability tests.

Segway has established reliability test standards for vehicles and their components, aligning with various shared usage scenarios. A total more than 450 hardware reliability testings are conducted on vehicles and components, including thrust force tests of up to 600N applied for 1 million cycles on e-scooter stems, and others. These tests ensure the highest levels of safety and durability, making Segway vehicles not just a mode of transportation but a guarantee of quality and reliability.

What is Covered with Segway Care Commercial

Segway Care Commercial covers 100% key components of shared vehicles, ensuring operators can enjoy substantial cost savings during their operations. According to data, Segway Care Commercial can help clients save up to 20% on spare parts purchase fees during their operations. This represents a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership and a boost to the profitability of shared micromobility businesses.

Pioneering Sustainability and Profitability

With the launch of Segway Care Commercial, Segway reaffirms its commitment to the shared micromobility industry. It is a testament to our dedication to providing top-quality, long-lasting products and a tangible contribution to sustainability. By offering this exceptional warranty program, we empower our clients to reduce costs, drive profits, and build long-term, successful businesses in an industry characterized by fierce competition.

In a world where shared micromobility services are integral to urban life, Segway Care Commercial is the driving force behind a more sustainable, cost-effective, and prosperous future for operators and riders alike.

For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact Segway Commercial at or get in touch with your dedicated account manager.

*Subject to terms and conditions, available to Segway sharing models of e-scooters and e-bikes purchased from June 6, 2024
**The covered components varies from specific models of shared E-bikes and E-scooters
***For the shared vehicle models covered under Segway Care Commercial, please reach out to a sales representative.