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During this unprecedented period, people across the world are looking not only to engage in experiences that provide a level of normalcy, fun and activity without sacrificing peace of mind and safety, but also in methods of commuting that help ensure they can take advantage of physical distancing and other safety measures.

To that end, micro-mobility solutions, such as e-scooters, could provide the perfect answer, helping commuters returning to work as the world works toward a new normal avoid options like public transit and ridesharing.

How Micro-Mobility Empowers Safer Commutes and More

Here are some examples of how micro-mobility solutions can elevate commutes for employees heading back to the office in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The True Local, Urban Commuter
    For a commuter who lives and works within a tight radius, e-scooters and other micro-mobility solutions could present the perfect way to avoid other forms of transportation entirely. They can simply find the nearest scooter, hop on, and arrive at work minutes later without interacting with public transit or needing to fire up their own vehicle.
  • The Last-Mile Micro-Mobility Superstar
    Even for commuters who opt to take their own vehicles the majority of the way to work, it’s often impractical to get near their actual place of work. This is where micro-mobility solutions come in, offering a safe, efficient way to conquer that last mile.
  • Navigating Corporate Campuses
    Similarly, even if employees commute to a corporate campus, these sprawling complexes are often large enough to make walking from place to place inefficient. E-scooters and other solutions can provide a quicker way to get where you need to go and get back to being productive.
  • Bringing a Service to an Entire Community
    Even in settings outside urban cities and corporate campuses, e-scooter and other micro-mobility operations can bring communities better, more efficient and safer transportation options for people of all kinds.

How Elevated Safety is Ensured Among Micro-Mobility Solutions

While micro-mobility solutions are a great option for commuters, challenges remain in ensuring the safety promised comes to fruition.

Fortunately, there are measures to take to make that happen.

Here are key ways operators and riders can make micro-mobility solutions, particularly scooters, as safe as possible:

  • Regularly disinfect scooters and other micro-mobility solutions between each use – both operators and riders can take part in this effort. Most common disinfectants and disinfectant wipes are effective when used properly and allowed to dry.
  • Operators should consider providing hand sanitizer stations, disposable gloves and more at strategic operational hubs, further protecting commuters.
  • When riding, users should maintain social distancing and avoid traveling in tight-knit groups.

With the right approach and diligence in providing a safe, efficient commuting method, micro-mobility solutions could be poised to see widespread adoption as the world recovers from the impact of the novel coronavirus.

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