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— Easy to Use, Low-Cost, Reliable Charging and Parking for Shared E-bikes and Scooters


Segway, a global leader in smart micromobility solutions, is proud to introduce ChargeLock Station, its latest innovation through a partnership with Metro Mobility, a US-based provider of urban mobility services.

Shared micromobility solutions have emerged in recent years as a vital component of sustainable urban transportation. However, operators often grapple with issues such as limited battery life, inefficient charging processes, and the constant need for re-balancing the fleet to meet user demand. Recognizing these challenges, Segway and Metro Mobility have joined forces to introduce ChargeLock Station, a game-changing solution that addresses multiple pain points faced by operators and cities alike.

Through a patent-pending cable design, ChargeLock Station incorporates charging and locking in a single connector, providing a simple and reliable station at a fraction of the cost of competing docking solutions. The secure but flexible cables enable scooters, e-bikes, and future Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) designs to share the same stations and provide an easy user experience that avoids the pitfalls of traditional docking.

ChargeLock Station leverages Segway’s cutting-edge technology and Metro Mobility’s extensive experience in urban mobility to deliver a truly transformative solution – all with a disruptive price point that enables operators to experiment and scale. The technology optimizes fleet utilization by reducing the time spent searching for, collecting, and recharging scooters. Furthermore, ChargeLock’s enhanced security features contribute to a significant reduction in theft and vandalism, resulting in reduced losses and increased profitability for operators.

ChargeLock Station offers a number of advantages over other docking solutions on the market. Unlike traditional docks that are built for a single vehicle type, ChargeLock’s multi-purpose cables can accommodate any vehicle design. The flexible cables create an easier and more reliable user experience than traditional docks where aligning the vehicle with the locking mechanism can be challenging. Simply plugging the ChargeLock cable into the vehicle will end the rental, lock the vehicle to the station, and begin charging. The simple design of ChargeLock Station also allows for extremely low-cost stations that can be installed easily and scaled quickly. With just 4 touch points on the ground, ChargeLock Station can be installed on any surface including grass or gravel and do not require a flat poured concrete pad.

ChargeLock Station also directly addresses the growing concern of scooter parking challenges in cities. The recent ban on free-floating scooters in Paris serves as a prime example of the need for effective solutions. ChargeLock station offer an affordable alternative for operators to meet evolving regulations in cities, meanwhile lowering operational costs.

“With the launch of ChargeLock Station, we are redefining the shared micromobility landscape,” said Tony Ho, VP of Robotics & Micromobility Business Development at Segway. “This innovative technology not only addresses critical challenges faced by cities and operators but also enhances user experience, making shared micromobility a more convenient and reliable transportation option.”

The partnership between Segway and Metro Mobility signifies an important step towards building intelligent and eco-friendly cities. The capabilities and cost-effectiveness of ChargeLock Station will enable fleet operators to continue driving the momentum of shared micromobility, meanwhile meeting the regulatory requirements of cities around the globe.

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