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Just five years ago, when shared kick scooters emerged across cities in the US and Europe, few would have imagined how fast the shared micromobility market would grow. Already an over 40 billion-dollar industry, micromobility is transforming urban transportation around the globe, with new technologies and solutions helping to make shared scooters safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Segway has always been an integral part of this journey. Indeed, we have just reached an exciting milestone: Segway’s cumulative production of shared e-scooters has exceeded 1.5 million units – despite the supply chain challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are celebrating this milestone as part of Segway’s extraordinary accomplishment – on April 13, 2022, Segway-Ninebot witnessed the 10 millionth e-scooter rolling off the production line.

While our 1.5 million shared scooters have enabled hundreds of millions of last-mile commutes, the mission is far from accomplished. More and more, riders, operators and regulators are asking for solutions that address the challenges stemming from such a rapidly growing and constantly evolving industry – and that’s why we have never stopped innovating. Each new generation of the 1.5 million shared scooters is a testimony of how Segway-Ninebot technology is responding to the demands of our customers and stakeholders.

For instance, Segway T60, is the world’s first semi-autonomous scooter, that can help significantly reduce theft, and “scooter litter” through its AI-powered teleoperating technology. More, Segway’s latest shared kick scooter, S90L, applies Segway Pilot with new features and technologies of computer vision, Qualcomm QCM6125, fisheye camera etc. Not only could S90L detect different road textures to strengthen passengers’ safety and make each rider safer, but also have a doubled processing performance and shorter reaction time with Qualcomm’s processor. Segway is ready to launch this new vehicle to the public in the upcoming Micromobility Europe on 1 June in Amsterdam.

In addition to leveraging the latest AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, we are also designing more durable, energy-efficient scooters with a commitment to every detail – ranging from swappable batteries to solid honeycomb tires and antibacterial grips. These details are the backbone of a successful product, and 1.5 million shared scooters later, we are privileged to have won the trust of top operators around the globe. According to GfK, a Germany-based analytics firm, Segway-Ninebot ranked first in the electric scooter markets of Germany, Italy, Spain, and other major European countries, with most shared e-scooter operators selecting Segway as the exclusive or first choice supplier.

Founded with a mission to simplify the movement for people and things, we are proud to have empowered partners worldwide with 1.5 million shared e-scooters. As we recover from the pandemic and rethink future modes of transportation, Segway stands ready to help cities become greener and more sustainable with our micromobility products. To learn more about our complete line-up of shared electric vehicles, please visit Now onward to the next milestone!