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Segway Technology

Ninebot Battery

Provide an ideal power solution for your vehicles

Built for Compatibility

All Segway batteries are swappable and compatible. Each battery is designed to power at least two vehicle models.

Built for Safety

Our battery ensures reliable performance and maximum safety through cutting-edge technology and Battery Management Systems.

Built for Quality

Segway conducts rigorous tests, continuously improves, and maintains premium battery quality for reliable performance.

Battery Compatibility

3 battery models are compatible with Max series E-kickscooter & E-bike




max pro

Max Pro

Max Plus

Max Plus

Max Plus X

Max Plus X

Max S90L

Max S90L





MFGF4812C model is compatible with Lite series E-kickscooters

Lite L60E

Lite L60E

Lite L60L

Lite L60L

Lite L60X

Lite L60X

NFEP4814B model is compatible with Urban B series E-bike


Built for Safety

Innovative Aluminum Shell Enhances Battery Durability

By introducing the cutting-edge protection technology, the revolutionary aluminum barrel shell design boosts the battery's defensive capabilities and improves the overall durability . This effectively shielding it from collision included damage, further extending the battery lifespan and showcasing its remarkable resilience.

*The picture is of the NFEP4814B model shell, for reference only.
Built for Safety

Exceptional Waterproof Performance

The batteries feature a multi-layered waterproof design, incorporating an aluminum barrel shell, internal gel encapsulation, and waterproof connectors. This comprehensive design guarantees that the battery maintains a stable IPX7 waterproof rating even after undergoing drop tests, temperature variations, and vibration tests.

Built for Safety

Enhanced Safety through Advanced Thermal Runaway Relief

Thermal Runaway Pressure Relief Channel: Employing advanced structural design, an established dependable pressure relief circuit enables rapid and efficient energy release in the event of thermal runaway, ensuring the secure operation of the battery system.

Built for Safety

Advanced Anti-loosening Latch Mechanism for Reliability and Safety

Anti-loosening Latch Mechanism: Leveraging advanced anti-loosening latch design, ensures a secure connection among battery components, thereby enhancing system reliability and safety.

Built for Safety

Battery Fire Prevention

The BMS system incorporates a battery fire prevention feature ensuring measures are taken to prevent the risk of fires or explosions in the event of battery abnormalities.

Critical Component Temperature Monitoring

The system regularly monitors the temperature of critical components to ensure the battery system operates within the appropriate temperature range, effectively preventing overheating.

Built for Safety

Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, and Short-Circuit Protection during Charging and Discharging

The BMS system provides multiple protection measures during charging and discharging, including safeguards against overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and short circuits, ensuring the safe operation of the battery under various conditions.

High and Low-Temperature Protection during Charging and Discharging

The system offers protection during charging and discharging under high and low-temperature conditions, ensuring that the battery continues to function properly even in extreme temperature conditions.

Built for Safety

Protection Against Excessive Voltage Differences and Sample Line Disconnection

The system monitors voltage differences between batteries and the integrity of sample lines, reducing potential safety risks.

Intelligent Discharge Management

The BMS system features intelligent discharge management to enhance battery efficiency and prolong battery life.

Built for Safety

Automatic Cell Balancing Management

The BMS system supports automatic cell balancing to maintain a consistent cell status, ultimately extending battery life.

Dual Overcharge Protection Technology

The cutting-edge dual overcharge protection technology ensures optimal safeguarding throughout the charging process. This innovative design effectively mitigates overcharging, elevating both the safety and lifespan of the battery.

Quality Assurance

Over 40 Tests Ensure Outstanding Performance and Durability

Conducting more than 40 reliability validations, encompassing fundamental performance tests, environmental and reliability tests, mechanical reliability tests, and electrical safety performance. This comprehensive validation system ensures that our product meets rigorous reliability standards in all aspects, delivering outstanding performance and a durable, reliable user experience.

Premium Quality Assurance

Strategic Partnerships with Top Suppliers Sourcing battery cells and packs from leading manufacturers such as Samsung and EVE is essential to guarantee quality assurance.

Global Compliance Assurance

The products have successfully obtained certifications in accordance with diverse regulations from various countries worldwide, ensuring a high level of quality assurance.

Over 1.5 Million Battery Applications

The shared micromobility industry has deployed over 1.5 million units* of batteries for safe operations. (*The combined total for all models exceeds 1.5 million units.)

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Rated power


Rated voltage


Nominal capacity


Cell model


Combination pattern


IP Rating


Standard cycle life

Capacity ≥70% of the initial capacity @ RT @ after 500cycles

Compatible with

Max Pro, Max Plus, Max Plus X, S90L, A200, A200PUrban B100Lite L60


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