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Apex Series

Apex D110L

Apex Excellence Maximum Efficiency

Product Vision

Building upon the continuous evolution of the Max series products, Apex D110L, the latest addition to our Apex product line, is committed to establishing a new standard in shared micromobility industry. Through cutting-edge product innovations and feature upgrade. our vision is to optimize the total cost of ownership of operations to the next level, while redefining the benchmarks for road safety, operational efficiency, and user experience.

D110L Structure

Ring-shaped status light
High-strength IoT
High-strength aluminium frame
12 inch PU filled tire
46.8V 1147Wh Li-battery
Cellphone holder & Wireless charging
Hook ( Optional )
Charging port
Frame handle ( Optional )
Built For Operational Efficiency

Charging Less, Going Farther

D110L is revolutionizing urban mobility with the help of our cutting-edge 46.8V 1147Wh battery. Not only does it propel our scooters to a remarkable 110 kilometers on a single charge, but it also plays a crucial role in boosting operational efficiency.

Standby Power Reduced
Standby Days
Built For Operational Efficiency

Optimized Power Management for Extended Mileage and Reduced Battery Swapping

Through standby power reduction to 1W and optimal energy usage while in riding, the D110L can achieve a remarkable increase in operational mileage, notably reducing the frequency of battery swapping.

Built For Operational Efficiency

Innovative Frame Design: Enhancing Durability, Saving Costs, and Simplifying Operation

The new frame design provides extended durability, cost savings, and the convenience of an optional hidden handle for easy vehicle carry during operation.

Built for Safety

Enhanced Brake Durability for Extended Lifespan and Improved Brake Performance

The braking system has undergone comprehensive design and material upgrades, making it more wear-resistant and performance-oriented.

Built for Safety

Reliable Stem Secures Every Ride

The High-Strength Stem is built for safe and reliable riding.


Series Aluminum Stem


Thrust Force


Times of Test
Built For User Experience

Lightning-fast Data Transfer & Unparalleled Performance

With higher voltage and optimized FOC control, the 48V platform enables more linear accelerations, while more quiet and powerful when in operation.

Built For User Experience

Convenience with NFC, Cellphone Holder, and Wireless Charging Designs

With the added convenience of wireless charging and the ability to unlock the vehicle via NFC card, cellphone, or Bluetooth, the D110L offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for riders. The vertical cellphone holder is compatible with most phones on the market, further enhancing the overall user experience.

Built For User Experience

Impressive Power Output, Swift Acceleration and Robust Performance

The D110L is designed to deliver a powerful riding experience with its 400W rated power motor. This high-performance motor allows riders to tackle 14% slopes at a speed of 15 km/h with a 75kg load, providing smooth and efficient acceleration for an effortless riding experience.

Built For User Experience

Stay Informed with 360°Visibility

The ring-shaped status light enhances the user experience by providing clear and easy-to-understand color notifications for vehicle statuses. Additionally, it offers light notifications to help locate vehicles at night.

Built For User Experience

Comfort on Any Terrain

The front dual suspension system and 12-inch wheels enhance stability and control when navigating everyday bumps and uneven road conditions.

Built For User Experience

More Space, More Comfort

The extra-large 475×215mm footpad provides ample space for foot placement, further enhancing rider safety and stability.

Product Accessories (optional)

Segway Pilot Edge

Cable lock

Pre-installed helmet lock

2-in-1 helmet lock

Unfolded helmet box


1196 X 595 X 1247mm
Top Speed
25 km/h
46.8V 1147Wh lithium battery
Max. slope
PU filled rubber tire with anti-slippery pattern
110 km
Rated power
Front Wheel&Tire Diameter
12 inch
IP Rating
Vehicle IPX4, battery pack IPX7, controller IPX7

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