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Helmet Solution

Two-in-one Lock

Helmet Lock & Cable Lock

Effectively prevent scooter and helmet loss and increase safety all the time

2-in-1 Lock Structure

Industry-first integrated helmet & lock solution for shared scooter

Functions of
Two-in-one Lock System

  • Helmet & Cable lock

  • Helmet & Cable lock detection function reduces the loss rate

  • Mechanical helmet lock has a distinctive orange color which is convenient for the users to identify and use it

  • IPX7 waterproof rating

2-in-1 Lock Details

Fixing the Helmet & Cable lock with the tube to keep the scooter secure.

The helmet lock and cable lock need to be plugged into two different lock holes at the same time to realize the locking status.

Mechanical helmet lock: Lock helmet   with orange locking mechanism independently, meet the needs of different operating scenarios.

Cable lock: Lock the scooter by simply plug the cable lock into/out the cable lock plug assembly

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