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Helmet Solution

Two-in-one Lock

Cable & Helmet Integrated Lock

Product Vision

The 2-in-1 lock is designed to meet diverse market demands, streamlining inventory management with its versatile locking mechanism. This unique innovation empowers users to seamlessly switch between a dependable cable lock and a secure, practical helmet lock. Additionally, both locking solutions can be combined into a compact piece of equipment, easily installed on the vehicle tube. This product offers end users more flexible and convenient experience, while providing operators with a cost-effective operational solution.

Product Structure

Built For Operational Efficiency

Three Options, More Flexibility

The 2-in-1 lock provides three flexibility options. Operators can opt for a single Cable lock plan, a single Helmet lock plan, or a combined Cable & Helmet Integrated Lock plan to meet diverse helmet and cable lock requirements in different markets and countries.

2-in-1 Lock
( Cable Lock & Helmet Lock )

2-in-1 Lock
( Cable Lock )

2-in-1 Lock
( Helmet Lock )

Built For Operational Efficiency

Guaranteed Durability

Subjected to over 1000 drop tests

The locks undergo more than 1000 drop tests to demonstrate the resistance to damage from drops, highlighting the resilience and high quality, even under frequent daily use in shared environments.

Anti-vandalism design

Featuring an 8mm outer diameter steel cable lock and a 7mm outer diameter steel helmet cable lock, these thick cables can withstand vandalism in shared use. The unique three-point stable structure intelligently secures the connector on the helmet, ensuring a stable connection and significantly improving anti-tampering performance.

Built For User Experience

Reduced Helmet Swinging

During transport deployment, the helmet can be securely positioned, thanks to its cable harness and optimal cable length.


Rated voltage
Working temperature
About 450g ( without helmet )
Standby power consumption
5mA@36V ( MAX )

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